The obligation to recommend [fantasy] elders

"Well, we're happy, too!" Malone's loud voice broke his last bit of embarrassment and enthusiastically showed everyone the photos he had taken, which made everyone laugh again. The garden party opened in a lively way, and then ended in a lively way. They went back by the town's sled car. Each shop sent its own sled car. In front of the stop sign of each bus stop, the townspeople went to different platforms to wait according to their location. They lined up and waited for the sled in an orderly manner. There was no mess and people jumped the queue from time to time. You guys are so nice here. Ni Lu sighed with emotion again. They also lined up in the queue, but because there were many old people behind them, a few big boys were courteous, let the grandparents go first, let the number of times, they actually ranked last. You are really good children. The sled driver obviously saw their behavior, and when they got on the sled, he praised them. The others were fine, but Malone was a little shy with a rare smile. Sitting on the sled in a dignified way, like a good young man for a long time, Malone, who could not hold back, leaned close to the ear of the palace shop and said, "I used to jump the queue with Emin to grab a seat, that.." No way, growing up in an orphanage,phycocyanin spirulina, I'm used to robbing things. If I don't rob, I won't have it! It's the first time I've given up my seat, but. "It feels good." He whispered. Looking at Malone like this, Gong Si could not hold back, reached out his hand and touched his head. It feels good-Gong Wanxiang. Sitting alone on the last bus of their sleigh, they returned to Lengshui Town from the center of the town again. When they were still some distance away from home, they let the sled driver go back. They were very close to home. They could walk back by themselves. The driver had to drive the sled back to the grain drying ground by himself. The driver was not from Lengshui Town. Gong Wu recognized it at a glance. It was already very dark, and snowflakes were falling from the sky. The teenagers walked side by side,rosmarinic acid supplement, chasing each other for a while from time to time. There were door lights along the way to guide them. Although it was a little cold, it was not lonely. Back home, Qiuxia had boiled the bath water, Qiuxia also went to the town center to join in the fun, but not as late as they played, he soon came back with Aji and Dongchun. After lining up to take a bath and not even bothering to dry their hair, Malone and others hurriedly paved the floor and soon fell asleep. Palace shops are not much better than them, and they almost fall asleep as soon as they touch the pillow. There was only the rustle of snow on the roof, and the palace house fell into silence. Gong Wu woke up in the middle of the night. Probably because he came back to sleep too fast and didn't have time to drink water, or because he was afraid that they would come back cold and burn the fire a little too strong, he suddenly became very thirsty. Glancing at the stream next to him, which even had a beautiful sleeping posture, he stood up gently and gently pushed open the door. He planned to go down to find some water to drink. There was a pot of water on the stove in the living room all the year round. No matter how bad it was, there was hot water in the thermos pot over there in winter and spring. Try to lower their footsteps, glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate ,jujube seed powder, also did not turn on the light, the palace shop is familiar with the way down the stairs. On the lower right, he had seen the red light on the other side of the stove and heard Malone talking in her sleep. Malone even dreamed of eating at the garden party-hearing the content of Malone's dream, the palace shop wanted to laugh at that time, but- A cold wind suddenly blew on his feet. Cold wind? Why is there a cold wind? It's very cold here. They must close all the doors and windows when they sleep. Could it be that he didn't check it well today? No, today is the autumn and summer inspection, and autumn and summer is a very careful person, absolutely can not make mistakes. Thinking, the palace shop looked in the direction of the door, and then, at a glance, his foot, which had been about to step on the next step, suddenly stopped in midair. The warm body suddenly cooled, goose bumps slowly climbed up from the direction of the tail vertebra, and he froze. In the dark corridor, he faintly saw a figure, the "man" standing at the bottom of the stairs, as if ready to go to the living room next to it, or as if ready to go upstairs. Who is standing there? At that moment, the sound of scales sounded from the direction of the living room. Carrying a red fish lamp, I do not know when to get up, standing at the door of the living room, he first saw the palace shop on the stairs. It was the palace shop. It startled me. I always felt as if I heard something coming from outside. He said, one did not take it well, and the red fish lamp in his hand suddenly fell off. Careful Accompanied by a deep male voice, the figure standing under the stairs and beside the living room suddenly moved. While he caught the red fish lantern that was about to fall to the ground, he also made the scales that had not found him notice his existence, and the red fish lantern in his hand made the palace and the scales see his appearance clearly. Wearing a rainbow-colored disheveled wig on his head, his face was painted with thick ink and heavy colors on a white background, and the left half of his face was occupied by a huge red heart. When he looked up, the expression on his face always looked like a smile. Pointed collar, colorful clothes, he is. Clown The scales cried out. Chapter 67 As soon as he called, the whole room woke up. Malone jumped up and grabbed the kettle next to her. Emin picked up the vacuum cleaner, and with a "bang", the star turned on the light. What's wrong The sound of the stream suddenly appeared behind the palace shop, and then went up. Aji was crying, and Qiuxia immediately held him in her arms and poked her head out of the stairway. Everyone's attention was on the clown holding the red fish lamp at the end of the stairs. Looking around, the clown said, "Good evening." His voice is really nice, flat, calm, and it's a nice bass. But no matter how nice the voice is, it's useless! Now's not the time to say good night, is it? And suddenly appeared in someone else's house in the middle of the night, dressed up as a clown,ghana seed extract, how to look suspicious ah ah ah! No one spoke, but everyone probably had the same idea in mind. In full view of the public, the clown moved again.