Dream gifts for the social photographer

Social photography professionals are a species apart: they are able to deal with children who do not wish to be photographed, with couples who are experiencing the most important moments of their lives, with groups of more. 20 individuals without anyone looking at the lens, etc. It is for all these reasons that choosing one of the gifts for social photographer is also a challenge because it must cover his needs and serve him for his work.

In short, in addition to being photographers, they owe it to themselves to be incredible social mediators since it is not enough for them to have good lighting or the perfect setting to make a great photo ...

Making the subject feel relaxed in front of the lens and giving you their most beautiful - and most natural - smile is no easy task. So what can we offer these brave people?

In this list of photo props that suit their needs , you are sure to find the perfect gift for your favorite social photographer.

Gifts for social photographer: essential for professional projects

We've put together a list of five photo props that we're sure will come in handy for them. Specially designed for them, for photographers of weddings, baptisms, communions, social events, parties , etc. For those who organize outdoor photo shoots with families, friends… What do they need? How to make them happy on Christmas Day?

Here is the answer.

The DZOFilm Pictor Zoom lens

DZOFilm Pictor Zoom has a classic focal length, very similar to the vision of the human eye. It is also very bright, with an aperture of glance which will allow you (or who will allow the person to whom you want to give it) to achieve truly incredible photo portraits or wedding photos. This results in impressive blurs and a super professional bokeh effect with its 9 rounded diaphragm blades. If that's not the perfect gift ...

The cobra flash, one of the main gifts for social photographer

Assuming you already have an intermediate focal length lens in your gear, between 35-50mm focal length, what you will need next is a reliable light source as you won't want to come home with accomplishments. dark and therefore unnecessary. Know that there is nothing more reliable than a cobra flash. These flashes are easy to handle, versatile because they allow you to bounce light when needed, and much more economical than studio lighting equipment.

A folding reflector, without limits

Can you imagine eliminating shadows, accentuating them, dimming the main light or even creating different light temperatures with just one accessory? Your photoshoots would be easier with just one prop, I mean the Quadralite folding reflector. Easy to use, practical because it takes up very little space and professional because your shots will not require subsequent retouching.

As we already told you at the beginning of this post, the social photographer must have many skills, often foreign to the field of photography. His social skills will be very important during photoshoots, when he finds himself in the midst of various events and celebrations.