With the official completion of Laizhou Distillery, can Bacchus become the leader of "Chinese Whiskey"? _ Distiller

Original Title: With the Official Completion of the Distillery in Laizhou, can Bacchus Become the Leader of "Chinese Whiskey"? In recent years, with the continuous iteration of the consumer generation, the consumer market has changed rapidly. The new consumer groups represented by Generation Z are increasingly accepting and recognizing foreign wines such as whisky and brandy. According to the 2020 China Spirits Market Report released by Rees Strategic Positioning Consulting, the global spirits market has been developing at a stable level in the past five years, with the fastest growth rate of whisky. It is expected that whisky will constitute a new category growth pole in the next five years. With the continuous rise of consumer demand, major imported whisky brands have also entered the Chinese market. However, it is worth noting that there are few domestic brands in the Chinese whisky market. Facing the diversified consumer market, owning a Chinese whisky distillery is the desire of many consumers and the only way for the development of Chinese whisky industry. Recently, Bacchus's Laizhou Distillery was officially completed. Bacchus said that he would regard "lighting up China's producing areas on the world's whisky map" as his mission and vision. The completion of the new distillery can bring more interesting products to the Chinese market and make Chinese consumers feel the charm of whisky. From the perspective of the international market, as a distillery built in China, Bacchus can also add more Chinese elements to international consumers and the whisky industry. But as a young distillery, can Laizhou Distillery carry the banner of "Chinese Whiskey"? It has attracted the attention of the industry. Winery renderings 1 Bringing together the world's advanced technologies Committed to creating high-quality "Chinese whisky" If a whisky wants to conquer consumers, the quality of the product must pass first. The quality of whisky can not be achieved overnight, only by grasping every inch of detail, can the final quality be improved. Since it was planned in 2017 and formally completed in 2021, can the young Laizhou Distillery conquer the picky Chinese consumers with its quality? At the launching ceremony of Laizhou Distillery, Bacchus answered the questions of the industry. From the published information, Laizhou Distillery can be said to have condensed the wisdom from the world. As we all know, distillation is to make the alcohol content of wine more pure, and through high temperature heating and condensation can remove solid impurities in the liquid,rotary vacuum evaporator, improve the taste and preservation time of wine. Therefore, the more advanced the distillation technology and the more sophisticated the equipment, the better the wine will be brewed. Laizhou Distillery has introduced McMillan, an old British copper distiller manufacturer, to build its pot distiller by hand, which can meet the needs of winemakers in all aspects. Expand the full text Kettle still (close view) Frilli, an Italian equipment manufacturer, has built a complete column distillation system for it,wiped film evaporator, which can achieve a maximum of 334 times of continuous distillation. Column still With the support of these two technologies, Laizhou Distillery has become the first factory in China to have both pot and column distillers, which is one of the few in the world, and this also enables it to extract pure or complex whisky. In addition, Bacchus Group invited Briggs Company to develop a customized process for Laizhou Distillery, integrating the brewing wisdom precipitated by Briggs 290 years of long history into the design of Chinese whisky and spirits production process. Fermenter In addition, CIMC Group of China has built various brewing equipment for it, and B B├╝hler Company of Switzerland has provided grain processing equipment. Over the past five years, Laizhou Distillery, built with the wisdom of the world, has laid a solid foundation for creating a bottle of high-quality "Chinese whisky". 2 Adhere to the concept of ecological wine-making Creating Chinese Whiskey with Low Energy Consumption Wine-making is an industry that relies on microbial environment to survive, and many environmental damages such as haze will have a huge impact on the wine-making industry. Protecting the environment and developing ecological liquor-making are the inevitable trend of the development of liquor industry. On the other hand, China is vigorously promoting green development and promoting the "green recovery" of the world economy. In this context, sustainable development has occupied an important position in the wine industry. If we want to carry the banner of "Chinese whisky", rotovap distillation ,cbd centrifugal extractor, we must uphold the green concept of "born of nature, walking with nature" and promote development through environmental protection. It is understood that since its establishment, Laizhou Distillery has taken net zero emission as its core goal, and guided its production and brand building, taking carbon neutralization as its long-term goal. The multi-stage differential column distiller with low energy consumption can save 15% of energy compared with the common distiller. At the same time, energy-saving and efficient saccharification and distillation processes are adopted, and heat energy in the production process is recovered through flash evaporation, process water preheating and other processes to reduce production energy consumption. Low energy consumption multistage differential column still The requirement of sustainable development is not only reflected in the control of carbon emissions, but also closely linked to carbon recovery. Laizhou Distillery adopts the wastewater treatment system with low energy consumption and resource recycling manufactured by Veolia, a French environmental group. The advantages of this wastewater treatment system are reflected in the production process. After aerobic and anaerobic treatment, the wastewater reaches the standard of urban reclaimed water, which will be used for process cooling and greening irrigation. At the same time, the biogas produced in the wastewater treatment process will be used for power generation, and then supplied to the sewage treatment equipment and part of the factory lighting. The carbon dioxide gas (CO2) produced by fermentation is also collected, purified, purified and cooled to produce liquid food-grade CO2 for RTD sparkling wine and sparkling water production. Distiller's grains waste liquid evaporation tower The high requirements have also made Laizhou Distillery recognized by the industry and won the Samsung certification of "green building" design logo. Samsung, as the highest level of green building evaluation standards in China, requires not only a large amount of capital investment, but also stringent technical requirements, as well as the belief in sustainable environmental development. 3 It has "the right time, the right place and the right people". Become the flag-bearer of "Chinese whisky" As a real Chinese distillery, the location of Laizhou Distillery is very discerning. The factory is located in Qionglai, which is known as "the first state in the south of Tianfu". Its location can be called the golden wine-making belt at 30 degrees north latitude. The water and soil environment is superior, the climate is warm and humid, and the climate is distinct in winter and summer, so the whisky brewed in this climate environment has a more balanced and natural flavor and taste. The forest coverage rate of Qionglai has reached 48 percent A good source of water is the life of whiskey. Laizhou Distillery uses natural water from Hengduan Mountains to form high-quality natural water rich in trace elements through the infiltration of rock layers, which becomes the "source of life" for brewing high-quality whisky. Qionglai is rich in water resources. If the unique ecological environment has occupied the "geographical advantage" for Laizhou Distillery to create high-quality whisky, then the high-quality professional team has provided "people and people" for the flavor innovation of the distillery. According to Bacchus, the core team of Laizhou Distillery is from Heriot-Watt University in the UK, and they are all masters of brewing and distillation. The school has a long history in the field of winemaking research and enjoys international prestige in the talent pool of the industry. In addition, some members who have studied in Belarus, New Zealand and the United States have joined the team. Wine storage tank These wisdom from all over the world, this group of Chinese who love liquor, they either study flavor, or indulge in skills, or devote themselves to nature. The process of making whisky is extremely exquisite, and every step needs to be strictly controlled. In this process, the winemaker's understanding of the product is implied. Next, they will inject their knowledge and love of whisky into the whole process of making whisky to create whisky more in line with the Chinese market. Oak barrel Faced with the huge Chinese market and the increasingly popular "climate" of whisky, Laizhou Distillery has really occupied the "climate, geography and people", which also makes it the flag bearer of "Chinese whisky" and has unlimited possibilities. 4 Conclusion At present, the domestic whisky market is gradually maturing, and consumers'demand for whisky with high yield, high quality and flavor labels has increased significantly. As a new recruit in the Chinese whisky market, Laizhou Distilling Distillery has gathered global wisdom, possessed "the right time,decarboxylation after extraction, the right place and the right people", and added Chinese elements to the international whisky territory. Next, how Bacchus breaks the circle and how to gain the recognition of Chinese consumers is the key. Let's hope that the young Laizhou Distillery can really make the world map of China's whisky producing areas bright. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. toptiontech.com