"Spread out! Spread out, you damn fools! How many times have I told you!" Fass's shouts were hysterical, but they were washed away by the roar of the chariot, and the only robbers who could hear him were in the back row. The Green Fire Bandit Group has a total of six thousand people, and Fass did not put in all the troops at one time. The robbers who rushed to Brettle City in the early stage were not the real elite of his Green Fire Bandit Group. When he left the duchy of Nathan, Fass only had more than a thousand trusted followers. In the following looting, the number of people slowly increased to the present size. The men who had previously rushed to the city of Bretl were all later joiners. The strength of these people was not very satisfactory to Fass. The quality of combat is also the weakest in the green fire. Every siege battle is like this, generally the first to be sent to the front is only cannon fodder, the two thousand men in the heart of Fass is also equivalent to the existence of cannon fodder. As long as you have enough gold coins, in the seven principalities of this war-torn place do not worry about recruiting his men, according to the idea of Fass, the two thousand people will probably be able to take the city of Brett. What surprised Fass was the defense of Bretel. He thought he might face the bombardment of the magic crystal cannon, but he didn't expect that the magic crystal cannon didn't see it, but he found some other guarding equipment. These special guarding equipment are the most classic tools. Once they are mounted on the wall, they will be strafed from a commanding position. All of them are machines that harvest life. In the midst of a tremendous roar, the two thousand bandits approached the city of Brett step by step under the fire of crossbow bolts. After paying more than four hundred lives, a large number of robbers had already approached the wall. There were even wooden ladders set up under heavy fire. Faster, fill me up with crossbow bolts, and fill me with goblin gunpowder in the chariot. Han Shuo looked indifferent,Low Rpm Electric Motor, but the speed of his speech was very fast, directing the soldiers next to him to let them load the siege equipment as soon as possible. These soldiers had just come into contact with chariots and ballista for a short time, and under the guidance of Wachlan, they used several days of day and night training to master the use of the chariot ballista trebuchet, but they were not skilled. Especially on this bloody battlefield where the sound of war is constant. The speed at which these soldiers operate the chariot has been affected again. Kaka. Kaka.. A strange voice suddenly came from the side, and Han Shuo looked around doubtfully. Suddenly, I found that little fat Jack's lips trembled,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, which was the sound of biting when his teeth trembled. I saw little fat Jack standing beside Han Shuo, looking at the bloody battlefield in the distance. Looking at the bloody head smashed into mud by the boulder, looking at the broken limbs blown up by the chariot, looking at the robbers flying by the fierce impact of the crossbow, is unable to suppress a small tremor. Whoo, it's terrible! The little fat man's voice was a little choked, his two small eyes were red, his mouth was trembling and he was in a strange state of helplessness. Get ready to pour down the oil! Han Shuo glanced at Jack and saw that he was beside him. Instead of saying much, he shouted to several soldiers around him. As early as before the war began, Han Shuo knew that the little fat man Jack, who had not experienced such a scene, would be shocked by the cruelty of the war. His fear was expected by Han Shuo, so Han Shuo was not surprised at all. Devouring the ghosts of the dead, Small Geared Motors ,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, Han Shuo's neck suddenly shot high into the sky under the scorching sun, pulling the souls of robbers into the ghosts crying constantly in the sky, absorbing the power of the soul a little bit. Swish! Finally, the bandits of the ballista also fired out, in the high-speed impact of the crossbow shot to the wall of Brett city, scrambling to operate the chariot trebuchet soldiers, as well as holding a bow and arrow to shoot down the soldiers, immediately more than a dozen people were directly shot dead. One of the crossbow arrows roared menacingly, facing the little fat man Jack, who was standing by the wall watching the tragic scene below. When Jack heard the harsh roar, he was already scared out of his wits. He immediately lost his voice and shouted, "Brian, help me!" Left hand a stretch, Han Shuo five fingers in the blood, like suddenly gave birth to a sharp claw, that one from Jack and ten meters away from the crossbow arrow, was Han Shuo five fingers of blood a stir, "flutter" a burst into sawdust iron fell. Stand back and don't get too close to the wall! Han Shuo gave a light drink, waved his right hand, and the shield of a soldier who had just died suddenly fell in front of Jack, blocking most of Jack's fat body. The sound of "crunch" fell into Han Shuo's ears, and the long magic singing sounded at the same time. In the distance, a strong or weak wave of magic gradually converged. Several magicians standing on the wooden tower under the protection of the robbers'shields slowly approached, and finally began to sing their own magic spells. Just waiting for you to come! Han Shuo snorted coldly, and as soon as his mind moved, a light of blood fell from the nine heavens. Under the manipulation of Han Shuo, he performed the magic skill of "Blood Knife Wanmang Chop", only to see the killing magic front, which was slightly longer than the dagger, rotating at a high speed without rules in the process of falling. Every time the killing edge rotates, it shoots out a blood awn like a sharp knife. In the process of falling, because of the high-speed rotation, the magic front gradually lost its trace, but the blood light like a sharp knife slowly deduced gorgeous, like a knife ball composed of thousands of sharp knives flying together, and the blood flew down to the magician on the wooden tower below. In the rapid rotation of the magic front, constantly shooting out the cold and sharp blood awn, these blood awn crisscross together, also flying and rotating at a high speed, but they penetrate each other without hindrance. From a distance, it looks like a small sun the size of a millstone, but the sun is covered with sharp blood barbs. When the blood-red light mass the size of the millstone fell to the ground,gear reduction motor, it gradually rotated faster and faster at high speed. A strong evil spirit, with the smell of blood, has not yet completely fallen down to frighten people's minds. ichgearmotor.com