An old man [a rich man]

Come back quickly. I'm cold and I can't sleep alone. You want to have children, and when I'm well, we'll have them right away. How many do you want to have? In the noisy bar, the road meets to see her news, the cool thin lip angle arouses the sarcastic arc, the handset casually puts aside, ignores it. Bai Sheng took a sip of wine next to him. He was the eldest son of the Bai family, the elder brother of Bai Kai, and an old friend who had met on the road for many years. Who? Your wife? The road met with a hum. Do what? Check the guard? Bai Sheng's tone is cheap. He hoped that she would check the post to show that she still attached importance to him, but he was afraid that people would disdain him at all. I really owe her in my previous life, and I will fall into her hands in this life. Lu Yu picked up the cell phone on the bar and turned around. "No," he replied lightly. "Your wife can rest assured that my family would like to install a camera on me." . Bai Sheng and Lu Yu are about the same age. They got married two years earlier than Lu Yu. He was born with a pair of peach blossom eyes, which are as beautiful as his eyes. Red flags do not fall at home, colorful flags flutter outside, go out to buy a pack of cigarettes, can hook up with a girl back. His wife is afraid that he will get AIDS one day, and she is very worried about him. Lu Yu glanced at him. "You're really not reassuring." Bai Sheng laughs: "You can not say me, you are not as good as me now.". Your wife is young and doesn't know what happened to you before. If she knows it one day, you can see if she will make trouble with you. Divorce is possible. Lu Yu held his glass in silence for a while. "It's all over." No matter what happened before, he only has her in his heart now, and after being with her, he has never done anything wrong to her. When he clicked on his cell phone, Tang Qingliu sent him another message three minutes ago. Don't be angry, will you? I know I'm wrong, but I really didn't take those pills, and I didn't want to give you a baby. Come back soon. I have a headache and I feel uncomfortable. Road encounter as if to see Tang Qingliu said uncomfortable when the delicate appearance, have learned to sell miserably, it seems to be true. Ignore her. Bai Sheng continued, "If you come out, you'll have to pay it back sooner or later. You think it's over, but she doesn't think so.". One day someone will chew a few words in her ear and come out with an illegitimate child. Do you think she's in a hurry with you? "There are no illegitimate children." Road encounter is very sure tunnel. He could not guarantee that no one would gossip in front of Tang Qingliu, and it was certain that there were absolutely no illegitimate children. I just said casually that there was no best. . Bai Sheng finished his drink and asked the bartender for another glass of wine. Music in the bar is noisy, DS dressed in cool clothes dances young bodies on the colorful stage, Bai Sheng and their music rhythm, palms tapping on the closed thighs. At the end of the song, DS came off the stage. Bai Sheng withdrew his eyes, looked at his mobile phone and asked Lu Yu: "It's still early. Do you want to go to King to play in another place?"? Shen Er, they are all there. Tell us to come over. King is a high-end leisure club. I used to go there. Shen Er is the second son of the Shen family. He is a friend of Bai Sheng. Lu Yu stood up, "You go, I won't go." "Where are you going?" Lu Yu picked up the coat on the bar, collapsible pallet box ,plastic pallet price, "I should go back." "So early?" Bai Sheng raised his wrist and looked at the time. "It's not twelve yet." A married man, he still thinks that he is not married, and he will party every night? Lu Yu turned to leave. Bai Sheng pulled him, "wait a minute, I have something to say to you." "What words?" "You sit down first." Lu Yu looked at her cell phone and said that she knew the wrong person, so she made a phone call and sent two messages. She was really sincere. . Sit down at the bar again. "Come on, what?" Bai Sheng asked for a glass of wine for him and a glass for himself. He did not sit down. His arm holding the glass was casually on the bar, facing the road encounter. Your friend Jiang Muyu, I think she has been a little close to Bai Kai recently. Bai Kai, you know, eager for quick success and instant benefit, a little unclean.. Bai Kai and Bai Sheng are two half-brothers, Bai Sheng is the eldest son, Bai's property is mainly managed by him. Bai Kai was eager to prove himself in front of his father. He was equally divided with his eldest brother. He deviated from the direction of the sword and did some shady things. Bai Sheng knew that he knew the relationship between Lu Yu and the Chiang family. He was afraid that he would attack Bai Kai in the future. With Jiang Muyu involved, Lu Yu would turn to Bai Kai and say to him: “...... Something will happen to him sooner or later 。 And our old man has taken a fancy to the third lady of the He family, and Bai Kai is also in contact with her, so the possibility of marriage is very high. I don't think Jiang Muyu will have a good result with him. You have a special relationship with Jiang Muyu, so you should remind her if you have a chance. Maybe he didn't even find it when he met him on the road. When he mentioned Jiang Muyu, his eyebrows were wrinkled. Clean and slender fingers knocked on the bar, handsome face hesitated, quiet for a while, to Bai Sheng: "Thank you." . Tang Qingliu took the medicine, put his figure low, and sent two messages to Lu Yu to sue for peace. Lu Yu ignored her, and she could not hold up to sleep first. She was fast asleep when a heavy body woke her up. This bird? Beast, she's still sick. Tang Qingliu curled up like a cooked shrimp, half of her face buried in the pillow, she caught a cold, stuffy nose, breathing is not smooth, this individual? It's not good for her to breathe. A small face suffocated red, desperately trying to turn around, the road encountered pressure on her not allowed. The action is fast and ruthless, without the slightest pity. Tang Qingliu wanted to cry without tears. After her aunt left, she fell ill. When she met her on the road, she was afraid of her body and did not touch her. Now he exudes dissatisfaction and dislike for her, without this scruple, how comfortable he is, regardless of whether her delicate body can stand it or not, simple and primitive for hair.. Vent and send ... Leak 。 Tang Qingliu was tossed about by him in the middle of the night, sweating a lot, and his body seemed to be weaker. Finished the road to meet himself to take a bath, did not help her to clean up, Tang Qingliu was so angry that he almost cried. Tired and sleepy,ibc spill containment pallet, he endured the sticky discomfort on his body and soon fell asleep. Tang Qingliu did not go to class the next day. He slept until more than two o'clock in the afternoon. When he woke up, he was not there. He went to work in the morning and did not come back at noon. Tang Qingliu lay on the bed, his body too soft to be his own.