Old Master Han, whom Jiang feared, was not at home now, and she had a home that could be a part of the Han family, so Jiang began to associate with the women of almost all the families around her, and sometimes went out to attend the gatherings of these women. Han's old lady was a little unhappy at first, feeling that Jiang had broken the rules set by Old Master Han, but Han Yunqian did not speak, so Old Mrs. Han let her go, but Old Mrs. Han simply did not go out, all day in her own yard. Han Yunqian did not stop the association between Jiang and other women, but also let the housekeeper allocate a sum of money to her every month, so that Jiang has a good impression on Han Yunqian. Han Yunqian asked Jiang Shi. Ask her to take Han You with her when she goes out if the occasion is right, and teach her the ways of the world. Han Yunqian so solemnly please Jiang Shi, Jiang Shi really did not refuse, when going out will take Han You. Perhaps out of consideration for their future in the Korean family,uns s32760 plate, Jiang Shi in the teaching of Han You is very dedicated, just like the wife in charge of teaching the daughter to be married in general, which makes Han You close to Jiang Shi a lot. I like to go out with her. Han Yunqian was very grateful to Jiang Shi for his teaching to Han You. He thanked him several times and was very generous to Jiang Shi materially. In this way, everyone is happy. At the same time, Han Yunqian is also dealing with the Ren family. The Gao family agreed to give the Ren family three years to raise money, but if the Ren family did not pay it back within three years,x70 line pipe, the whole house of the Ren family would be owned by the Gao family. After careful consideration, the head of the Ren family agreed, of course, without telling the old lady. Master Ren, the head of the Ren family, also thought very clearly. The only way for the Ren family to get out of trouble now is to find out the treasure left by the former owner of the house. If three years is not enough time for them to find out. The chances of finding out later are slim. Or there is no such thing as treasure. So the Ren family began to build in the house. Externally, I want to dig a few wells in the house and change the geomantic omen. In fact, these wells have been dug through. The Ren family seemed to have made up their minds to dig three feet into the ground to find out those things. Ren Yaoqi also heard about the Ren family digging and filling around the house, and naturally knew better than anyone what they were looking for. While sighing, he could only shake his head and smile. The Han family is also calm, the Ren family made so much noise Han Yunqian half a word also did not mention with Ren Yao period, as if it is sure that the Ren family even if digging three feet can not find anything. As for Old Master Han, x60 line pipe ,x56 line pipe, he seemed to have been caught up in the northwest and did not come back. To Ren Yaoqi's surprise, Ren Yijun and Qi Shi came to Yunyang City to look for her shortly after the Ren family began digging wells everywhere. If it is another Ren family, Ren Yao period is probably not to meet, but Ren Yijun and his wife Ren Yao period will not see. Ren Yaoqi originally wanted to meet guests in Yingyage, but Xiao Jingxi asked her to invite Ren Yijun and his wife to Zhaoning Palace. Ren Yaoqi was close to Ren Yijun and his wife, so they were led into the place where she and Xiao Jingxi lived. Both Ren Yijun and Qi Shi were the first to come back to Yanbei Wangfu. Qi Shi was so curious and excited that he was scolded by Ren Yijun in a low voice several times before he was more honest. Xiao Jingxi also stayed in the Zhaoning Palace and waited for Ren Yijun and his wife to come. When Qi first saw Xiao Jingxi, he was so surprised that he could not move his eyes. Ren Yijun pinched her several times in secret, and his face turned red with anger. The people in the hall all snickered and felt that the three young ladies of the Ren family were really funny, and even Ren Yaoqi and Xiao Jingxi could not help laughing. Before Ren Yijun was completely annoyed, Ren Yaoqi got up and took Qi's hand and sat down by the South Kang: "Third sister-in-law, come and sit down." Ren Yijun felt that Qi's behavior was so stupid that he lost his face greatly. His face was not good all the time, and he even ignored Xiao Jingxi. Xiao Jingxi accompanied him to say a few words and then went to the study to deal with his official business. As soon as Xiao Jingxi left, Ren Yijun's face looked better. Ren Yaoqi asked with a smile, "Why did the third brother and the third sister-in-law suddenly remember to look at me today?" Ren Yijun took one look at Ren Yaoqi and did not mean to beat around the Bush at all: "My family has been digging wells everywhere recently. Even in front of my yard, I dug a hole, which made me sleepless in the middle of the night. I ran to ask my father, but my father told me that it was for the geomantic omen of Ren's family." Ren Yijun sneered, "cheat the ghost!" Then, Ren Yijun slightly squinted at Ren Yaoqi: "Let me ask you if you know something." Ren Yaoqi laughed quietly and said, "I've been in Yunyang City all the time. What does the third elder brother think I can know?" Qi Shi covered his small mouth and smiled: "Some people can know everything about the world without leaving home. Your third brother firmly believes that you are such a person. No matter how I persuade him, he won't listen. He has to ask you." Ren Yijun snorted, but still stared at Ren Yao period did not move. Ren Yaoqi hesitated in his heart, and finally sighed softly, and sent out all the servant girls who were serving around him, not even a few trusted servant girls. Since the third brother you asked me here, then I will tell you a story, this story is a little long, it sounds uncomfortable, the third brother you are sure you want to listen to it? Ren Yijun frowned, but still nodded: "You say it." Qi Shi looked at Ren Yijun, then looked at Ren Yaoqi, and blinked: "Or I'd better avoid it first." Qi expected that what he heard from Ren Yaoqi was not a good thing, and he was not sure if he could be present. Ren Yaoqi smiled at her and said, "It doesn't matter. The third elder brother can listen to the third sister-in-law." Ren Yijun took a look at Qi Shi and acquiesced. So Qi Shi sat down again honestly, to tell the truth, she is actually not very interested in these family secrets ah! She felt that the more secrets she knew in the big family, the faster she would die,x60 line pipe, but her young master just didn't understand this truth and didn't listen to any advice. She had to get to the bottom of it. She was very helpless! So next, Ren Yaoqi told a long story to Ren Yijun and Qi, which involved decades of resentment between the two families. lksteelpipe.com