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Common Grammatical Mistakes That Can Cause You Lower Grades

         Grammatical mistakes in writing have remained a primary cause of low grades of the students. Although most students would believe that they know the English language in a comprehensive manner; however, writing an essay or any piece of the article without any grammatical mistakes is a different ball game. Hence, one should be mindful of the content he is writing and the common grammatical errors that should be avoided to achieve higher scores.

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         The first common grammatical mistake that bugs the students throughout their academic career is the incorrect use of verbs and forms of verbs in their sentences. This is one of those mistakes that restricts the students from joining the league of professional essay writers and hinders them from achieving academic excellence. It must be understood that if one does not have a firm grip on their tenses and form of verbs, then he would surely struggle with writing.

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         Another common grammatical mistake students make is using run-on sentences and commas to splice two sentences. Although most students and teachers usually neglect this mistake, it negatively impacts the written content. In the past, because of a lack of grammatical knowledge, I used to go online and pay someone to write my essay. However, later I could write my literary pieces after an adequate understanding of these grammatical inconsistencies.

         As comma splices are common grammatical errors in college papers, the misuse of commas also affects the readability of a paper. Most students consider that commas can only be used to divide a sentence into two. However, one misplaced comma can change the meaning of the entire sentence. Previously, in order to write my paper, I used to avoid using commas in my sentences. However, after understanding the adequate use of commas, the fact unveiled that it could assist the students in a multifaceted manner.

         Pronoun disagreement is also considered a common grammatical mistake that lessens the overall impact of the paper and results in bad grades. Such error occurs when the pronouns do not meet the nouns used in the sentences. These errors remain common in modern English as most writers avoid the implication of sexist language or refrain from awkward phrasing. However, they fail to realize that this would make their paper/sentence grammatically wrong. Students could reach out to an essay writerwebsite or writing professionals to complete their literary pieces without grammatical mistakes. However, understanding these grammatical inconsistencies would enable them to write their essays.

         Spelling mistakes are also why students get bad grades. Most of the students get confused in spelling the words that sound the same. Sometimes, students fail to distinguish between "access" and "excess", or they confuse “then” with“than”, which could cause significant trouble for them while writing their essays. Before understanding these factors, I tried to find professionals who would write my essay for me. However, after learning these technicalities, I understood how using the wrong grammar could affect my grades.

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         In conclusion, grammar plays an important role in every language. Its comprehensive understanding and adequate use could allow individuals to achieve academic excellence and score high grades in their respective courses. However, failure to eliminate the above-mentioned mistakes would surely create several hurdles in one’s academic career. 


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