Benedikt Kaemmerer

Digital Product Designer

Hi, my name is Benedikt and I am a digital product designer with 9 years of experience.

I love to build digital products and I am passionate about design systems. I work independently and self-organized. My background covers the entire design process, including UX and UI design, prototyping, and usability testing.

I'm passionate about mentoring and training people to pass on some of my experience.

UX/UI Design

I have in-depth experience in UX/UI design. I can design a product from the first to the last pixel. Using wireframes, prototypes, and a user-centered approach.


I use a wide variety of methods and tools to do usability research and better understand users and their needs.

Design Systems

I have vast experience in building and managing design systems at scale. Supporting brand-driven multi-product companies.


I can lead, manage and coordinate a team of designers and researchers. I support the development team throughout the entire product cycle.