In fact, the elder also knew that if the resolution to attack the United States of America came from the hands of the eagle elders, it was a little impulsive, since the Lord of the Blue Heaven also intended to March into the original heaven, then the resolution was carefully considered. The reason for his opposition was not that he was afraid that the country of the three realms of water and blue would not be able to defeat the country of the three systems of China, but that he thought that the country of China would retaliate against the people who had no boundary. The country of water and blue did not know how many sons and daughters of water blue would disappear in the starry sky of water blue forever. When the decision was made, the war machine began to roar. Newspaper. Shuilan Sanjietian continues to send more troops to the place where the Jietian hole opens! In the city of the Nine Polar Stars, Tianxin receives dozens of deep space reports a day. At the opening of the Jietian Cave, Chen Bing's Million High Level True Spirit Corps, One Hundred Thousand Extreme True Spirit Corps, One Million Star Fortress Corps, and Three Thousand Water Blue Star Shuttle Corps are comparable to the Dark God Tianlian Star Fortress. It seems that the intention of the Shuilan people to swallow up our three Chinese countries and seize the heaven of the original world is obvious. Tianxin laughed coldly. At the beginning of the 24th year of the Ditai Jiuji Interstellar Calendar, the Blue Emperor, the Lord of the Three Realms of Water and Blue, opened the original _. On the pretext of the persecution of the people 。 Under the pretext that his master was refused to marry, he swore to rob the beauty, and on the pretext of Wang Guangwei, the army marched into Qiyuan. The so-called Shuilan expatriate was proved to be a spy by the military intelligence department of the United States of America with detailed data, but he was a bachelor for the reason of robbing the beauty Wang Wei. However, this is against the spirit of the three systems and will be counterattacked by the three systems. You are ruthless,Inflatable water park factory, and I am more ruthless. You are crazy, I am more crazy. On the starnet, the heart of heaven took an oath in the name of the co-owner, and the superstructure of the country of water and blue had the heart of a thief. They raised their swords recklessly, and wanted to dominate the original world of heaven. They wanted to destroy the United States of China, which had triggered the three-system war counterattack system. From then on, in the universe, the country of water and blue,inflatable castle with slide, the country of China, one of the two exists, and the war stops. Otherwise, the war will be endless! As soon as this oath came out, all realms of heaven shook. Lan Tianzi is crazy. Did he think that the three million True Spirit Corps, the new army of the two hundred thousand God Corps, the three million Star Fortress Corps and the ten thousand Water Blue Star Shuttle Armaments raised by more than twenty stars in the past year would be able to compete with the Infinite Way? Looking at the cloud platform, the king of the ten yellow clans sighed, "In order to prevent the demon emperor from sneaking in, the ten clans of the universe have four hundred gods in each world, but they still dare not take it lightly.". Ignorant people are fearless, and the old saying of the former sages is true! It is hoped that this war is only a local war and will not evolve into a war of all realms. "Send more troops to the opening of the heaven hole." The Lord of the great kingdom of the dark four realms, the dark night sky, was excited to issue an order. When the emperor heard the news, Inflatable water obstacle course ,large inflatable water slide, he sneered. His eyes seemed to be open and closed, and he did not know what he was thinking! Terra Nine-Pole Interstellar Calendar 24 years and 101 days. The Water Blue Army's troop increase was completed, the United States of America's preparations for war came to an end, and the war broke out. The water blue army launched an attack on the original boundary sky from the opening of the three boundary sky. The heart of heaven used to open the thirty-six realms of heaven with a space blade. After several changes, the channels between the realms and the original realms of heaven are now stable at about ten light-years. The defensive forces of the three Chinese nations were deployed at the end of the three passages, a thousand light years away, with 300 Terra Star Fortress regiments urgently dispatched from the only 1,000 Terra Star Fortress regiments as the first front, 30,000 Tianshen Battle Fortresses as the second front, and 3 million Vajra Battle Fortresses as the third front. Team, the only two extreme God legions, two billion extreme God warriors, stationed in Lianxing Fortress. If necessary, attack and clear the enemy team that attacks the gas shield of Lianxing Fortress or attack the enemy's Lianxing Fortress level weapons. The high level and the high level below the God legion sends three thousand, the function is the same as above, their protection circle scope is the God research level star battle fortress coverage scope. There are 300 Legions of the Last True Spirit and 30,000 High True Spirits, forming the last line of defense together with the Vajrayana Star Battle Fortress. The heart of heaven is in the middle. In other places, the two thunder carvings keep a close eye on the dark four realms of heaven; the boundary of the three systems of the Kun Heaven Spirit Realm is on three-level alert and combat readiness; the opening of the Jietian Cave in the direction of the Ten Clan Realms of Heaven is as usual; the open yuan Realm's Thunderbolt Star Division and Colorful Star Division are also as usual; the Blue Ice Dragon in Sifangyu is high and its alert level has been raised; and the Seven. Speed up the training of God warriors. The Police Department, the Tianzhi Department and the Military Intelligence Department have upgraded their operational levels! As for Tong Ya, Du'e, Jin Wei, and Zi Yue, they all joined in the operation of the Tianzhi Department under the control of the space-based soldiers to ensure the stability of the rear area. It should be said that the plan of the Blue Emperor, the Lord of the three realms of water and blue, is precise. He has been operating for many interstellar years. The action against the original realms is not only a military action, but also a spy and backyard arson action. It was a pity that he met the heart of heaven, before the water blue army had taken military action. The aquamarine spy was devastatingly purged, under the huge divine consciousness of the heavenly heart. All unknown sources and unauthorized sources are detected and taken down. The fire in the backyard is only a disturbance that increases the workload of the police department and the heaven and earth department, while the economic war is ineffective. The three-system social market is a pluralistic and free market with fierce competition. The giant crocodiles growing up in this market are not easy to bully. Even if the entrant wins, what happens? The loser is supported by the people's livelihood department. Their basic survival is not a problem. They have a lot of chances to make a comeback. After all, failure is the mother of success. In this case. If the blue emperor wants to win, he can only rely on thorough military means. Can only rely on military means that can only storm, this war, even if the heart of heaven looks on coldly. If the aquamarine army wants to enter Qiyuan, it will have to fight in the sky. At least, after the war began, the blue emperor placed high hopes on the fortification weapon Shuilan Sky Shuttle encountered Waterloo. Flying out of the channel for a hundred light-years, it encountered the star-level space fusion minefield laid by the United States of America. Within two hundred light years of the first wave's 300 Aqua Blue Skyline shuttle wings, they had turned into deep space scum. Hua Zhongguo has a weapon to restrain the flying shuttle in the sky, and the flying shuttle has turned into empty scrap iron before it sees the Lianxing Fortress of the United States of China.. When the blue emperor heard this, he reported a shock. Not only was he shocked, but also the dark night sky, the Lord of the Dark Four Realms, who wanted to reap the benefits of the fisherman or fish in troubled waters and was extremely concerned about the war situation. Think about it,Inflatable meltdown, the dark universe tank and the water blue sky shuttle is the same level of things, Huazhong country weapon can hurt the water blue sky shuttle, naturally can also stop the dark universe tank.