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Basics to build your home entertainment center

We all need a couple of hours of rest a day to forget and clear ourselves from the workday, the traffic and the chaos of the city, so having an entertainment center at home is the best option if you are a person who prefers to have fun in your home.

To build your own home entertainment center, you need the following items:

  • Screen: An HD television or a smart TV are investments that are better for you in the long term, since those that lack such technology are totally obsolete. Remember that the bigger your screen, the better the shows and movies will look; Or, in case you are a gamer , when you play cooperatively, everyone can have


  • a broader view of the panorama.

  • Sound system: There are many options of different prices and sizes, since you can choose from a home theater to a pair of speakers that connect via Bluetooth; the important thing is that you can enjoy the sound effects and feel like you are in the cinema every time you watch television.

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  • Blu-ray: You could buy one for DVD s if you are of those who have affection and nostalgia for titles in this format. Make sure that the Blu-ray you choose allows you to play discs of all densities to avoid having movies that you cannot see.

  • Video game console: Whether you are a fan of Nintendo , PlayStation or Xbox , if you are a true gamer , you must have at least one of them. In addition, if you buy the latest generation, you will no longer have to buy a Blu-ray or DVD player, since they include that function and various apps to watch series, videos and movies, as well as to listen to music.

To complete your experience, buy a furniture to place the television or mount it on the wall with the help of a special support at the height you like, and a comfortable recliner that allows you to enjoy full marathons of your favorite series. Enter the Computers and Electronics section in Vivanuncios , find the best prices on electronic devices and build your home entertainment center.