Jiang Mobei's eyes are strange, for a long time, he said slowly, because Qin Tiannan designed to let me personally kill his son. I don't know what kind of tricks he wants to play, but it's also a pleasant thing for me to watch him die at the hands of his own daughter. Originally, Jiang Mobei already knew the relationship between injury and Qin Tiannan. Keel, on the other hand, was his own flesh and blood, whom he had not met in Japan for 25 years. Everyone in Jianghu knows that Jiang Mobei, the leader of the Flying Eagle Hall, once had a vigorous love affair with the eldest lady of Liu Shengmen in Japan. However, for the sake of his future, he sacrificed his beloved woman and made her leave the Middle Earth with a baby who was not yet one month old. That day, when Jiang Mobei's sword reached the keel's heart, he saw the red birthmark on his left chest from the gap in his torn clothes. 14 Ruwan went to see his master, who had been living in a cave on Jue Feng Mountain. Her body was covered with blood, her lips were white, and her hands and feet were cold. When she stumbled down at the mouth of the cave and master heard the sound and ran out, her face was the color of fresh soybean milk. He supported her, her head resting on his knee,CSD filling line, and he kept shouting, "Look, the woman is covered with long and short knife wounds.". But he suddenly woke up and tried to push away the wound, but he was still late, and the bamboo hat on his head, together with the black veil, was lifted. She said,Edible oil filling machine, "The emerald pendant on your neck is really beautiful.". Author: Zhunfeng Yuetan 2007-12-9 15:58 Reply to this speech Reply: [Yuxiao Yanran Works] Seven Love Tips 15 Jiang Mobei's heart-chasing knife, once left more than three cuts on the enemy, the other side will die. For example, the wounds were only cut by herself with a dagger. She wanted to use this to lighten her master's guard and see the face under the black veil, a face she had hated for so many years. Qin Tiannan is not dead. He just changed the face of a nobody, dressed up as his own appearance to fight, creating the illusion of death. This revenge, Qin Tiannan has been brewing for thirteen years, from his defeat in the hands of Jiang Mobei, became the laughing stock of Jianghu, he swore that he would not let Jiang Mobei go easily. The secret book of martial arts without a cover is handed down by the ancestors of the Qin family. For example, both injury and mother had a deep hatred of martial arts, so naturally they didn't know. But Qin Tiannan did not dare to practice, because he knew that with his persistence in martial arts and victory and defeat, juice filling machine ,plastic bottle making machine, he would abuse the Seven Emotional Tips uncontrollably, and the consequence was that when he performed the Seven Emotional Tips for the fourth time, his whole body meridians were broken and died. It was not until he was defeated by Jiang Mobei's sword and lost his martial arts that he realized that it was too late to regret. He had no choice but to train her to be his third hand, to hold a sword for him, to kill for him, and to ignite her hatred for Jiang Mobei. And this, he can only do with a new identity to return to the side of the injured. As for the keel, he, like the wound, was a tool that Qin Tiannan secretly trained to deal with Jiang Mobei. Before the duel, he let the keel draw a birthmark on his body in order to disturb Jiang Mobei's mood. He thought that once Jiang Mobei knew that he had killed his son with his own hands, he would be in a mess. In this way, if the injury is against it, it will be more sure to win. But he did not expect that Jiang Mobei had long known the identity of the injury, and would tit for tat, so that she fought with himself. After thinking about it, he felt that only Qin Tiannan could really disappear. 16 If the injury still remembers her touching with the keel under the waterfall, she is sure that there is no birthmark on the keel's chest, so when she heard Jiang Mobei talking about the birthmark, she began to doubt the whole process. And the first thing she remembered was Qin Tiannan, whose throat was cut by her. There was no jade pendant on his neck. Finally, in order to get a more accurate answer, such as injury to Jiang Mobei shot, the first move, is the seven emotions. Jiang Mobei turned in his grave. Before he died, he stared round and pointed at the wound and said, "I didn't expect your father would let you learn such sinister martial arts.". At that time, if the injury while laughing and crying, they all overestimated Jiang Mobei, the process of revenge is expected to be too complicated. If the injury felt that the vast earthly world was completely empty. Her father had no love or pity for her, and in order to revenge, he deliberately planned to ignore her life. All the pity or love she had received from her so-called master over the years, she thought, was nothing but the hypocrisy behind Qin Tiannan's mask. If the injury is very straightforward, the second time to display the seven emotions formula. In front of the seven emotions, anyone and anything are so vulnerable. 17 Qin Tiannan really died this time, in any case, his enemy Jiang Mobei also got his wish, but he did not live to see Qin Tiannan die in the hands of his daughter that day. Qin Tiannan originally thought that a move of the golden cicada would allow him to continue to hide behind the black veil, looking like a wound under the sword of his old enemy. But his craziness and numbness destroyed the only bond between him and the injury, and he never dreamed that the injury would give him seven emotions in the end. If the wound feels funny. She kills a chicken but uses an ox knife to deal with a man who has lost all his martial arts. Her seven emotions are enough to tear the other side into ashes. She had to risk a third of her life. Is it the outpouring of resentment, or is it punishing one's own cruelty. After all, that move cut off the blood of the connection. For example, there is only one last chance to perform the Seven Emotional Tips. She thought of the man Keel, who was so imposing. Since he is not Jiang Mobei's son,water filling machine, then, where did he come from? Could he be the Luo Yibai she had been longing for? The entanglement of body and tongue is so beautiful that she still can't forget it. Is that love? If the injury does not know. If the wound is twenty-five years old. She sat on the carved railing all day long, thinking that she should use the seven emotions for the last time to protect the man she loved. But I don't know who this man will be? [Wenwen] Qingling Butterfly Dream. gzxilinear.com