Qiao's mother nagged and began to help Qiao Hai tidy up. Qiao Hai winked at his father. Qiao's father pointed to Qiao's mother's back and smiled helplessly: "Your mother!"! By the way, now that you are going to shoot, you must pay attention to safety. I see that the actors on TV all want to hang Weiya or something. You should pay more attention. If not, you should tell the director, don't try to be brave. Mom and Dad don't need you to earn that money. Remember, the body is the first, do you know? Qiao Hai nodded solemnly: "Remember, Dad." Qiao Hai brought a suitcase with him when he came back. When he left, Qiao's mother stuffed his suitcase. Qiao's father drove him to the airport. Before he went through the security check, he told him a lot. Qiao Hai didn't want to go, especially during the Spring Festival. There were not many people at the airport. He acts like a spoiled child to Qiao mother, Qiao father carries him: "Smelly boy, do not go again time passed!" The plane landed in the middle of the night, and as soon as I got out of the airport, I saw very few pedestrians. During the Chinese New Year, Rao was in Chingbei City, which was very busy on weekdays, and not many people came to stroll around on this day. With the north wind blowing, Qiao Hai covered his face with a scarf and walked to the side of the taxi. Just as he was about to get on the taxi,face detection android, a dazzling headlight came over. At the same time, the car honked twice. He squinted through the front windshield of the car, only to see the figure inside a flash, then the door opened, Ji Xin came out. Qiao Hai closed the door of the taxi, said sorry to the driver, and then dragged the suitcase to Ji Xin: "OK, there are cars driving so soon,thermal imaging camera, Land Rover?"? Hey, it's not bad to clear the cards! Ji Xin shrugged his shoulders. "Get in the car. I'll take you back." Qiao Hai put the suitcase in the trunk, and then got into the car. He took off his scarf. The air conditioner in the car was warm. He sighed comfortably: "I'm really loyal. I didn't expect you to come to pick me up specially. With your will to climb out of the warm bed in the middle of the night, I didn't make friends with you in vain." Hearing this, Ji Xin smiled: "You are in the group of Aite me, can I not come?" Qiao Hai laughed and said, "You're in Chingbei City. I'm just making a joke. I didn't think you were really coming. Hey, are you hungry? Anyway, it's so late. Let's find a place to have a meal." Ji Xin nodded. There were fewer cars on the street than usual. Ji Xin had a smooth road. While driving, he watched. Most of the outsiders went home. They didn't even open the door with many restaurants. Finally, Qiao Hai patted his thigh: "I think of a place!"! Come on, I'll show you the way. There's a barbecue shop in the back street of our school. It's probably not closed yet. Ji Xin has some doubts: Are you sure? It's the Spring Festival, and there's no one in your school at the moment. It's not cost-effective to open a shop at this time. Qiao Hai said: "The boss lives on the second floor of the shop, touch screen digital signage ,temperature check kiosk, and he can open the door as soon as he says it. I went abroad to play with my friends in the winter vacation of my sophomore year. When I came back, I went back to school first. As a result, the dormitory building was locked. I wanted to open a room next to it. As a result, I saw that the shop was still open. The boss said that they did not rest during the Spring Festival. When someone came to eat, they opened fire." Ji Xin according to Qiao Hai's instructions, adjusted the navigation, the car drove to the destination, Qiao Hai got out of the car, hard patted the closed door, patted for a long time no one responded. Ji Xin said, "Well, maybe the boss will go home for the Spring Festival this year." Qiao Hai is a little embarrassed: "In the middle of the night, let you toss about for me again and again." Ji Xin said, "You're welcome. Didn't you say we were buddies?"? It's nothing. Finally, they went to the 24-hour convenience store to make cup noodles. At ten o'clock the next morning, Qiao Hai came to the conference room for a meeting. Gao Bing gave them the document in his hand and said, "This is a new drama that the studio plans to invest in recently. It's called Beautiful Scenery on a Good Day. The script can't be sent to you for the time being. You can look at it first. There are roles you want to play in the document. This is the role that the studio specially assigned to you after discussion.". Because it's your first appearance, the role is basically in line with your life image. If you have any questions, you can raise them now. ” Chen Xiaoxiao turned over a few pages of paper and said, "Brother Bing, this play is adapted from a novel." Gao Bing said: "Yes, it seems that you have read this novel, the Internet reflects well, so the studio spent money to buy the film and television copyright." Chen Xiaoxiao took one look at the crowd: "I remember that the subject matter of this novel is a beautiful article. Can this play be broadcast?" "Don't worry about that," Gao Bing said. "Our script will make appropriate adjustments to the plot of the novel." Song Meng thought about it and asked, "What is the adjustment method?"? If it's forced to add a leading actress in a Tanbi drama, I'm afraid. Everyone stopped talking. It's a very risky thing to make a novel adaptation. The difference between the novel adaptation and other plays is that the characters in the novel adaptation have a certain popularity, especially the famous novel. The paper people in the novel have their own audience fans. The fanaticism of these fans is no less than that of the fans chasing real people. Actors play this kind of play. Essentially, first of all, it is in the light of paper people, which saves a lot of publicity, and if it is well performed, it will attract some fans of paper people. Of course, if it is not well performed, the consequences will be unimaginable. Not to mention the novel adapted from the theme of Dang Meiwen, the novel adapted from Dang Meiwen, in view of the current situation, can not pass the examination in any case, so part of the novel will be rectified. The degree of this rectification is very important. If it is slightly biased, it can cause the dissatisfaction of the fans of the paper people. It is really a difficult problem to pass the trial and restore it. There have been several dramas before, and the fans of the novel and the actors have scolded that it was earth-shaking, and in the end, most of the bills were paid by the actors themselves. In the document that Gao Bing sent to them, he only briefly said the roles that several of them were going to play,face recognition identification kiosk, but did not say who the role was going to have any entanglement with and what the outcome would be. Chen Xiaoxiao is the only one among several people who has read the novel, so she knows the relationship between the characters in it. Among several people, her face is the most ugly. hsdtouch.com