Jilene Jackson

Jilene Jackson

Senior UX/UI Product Designer

"We all deserve intelligent + beautiful

digital experiences that bring utility

to our daily lives."

Case Study: UX Design Masters Thesis - American Eagle Outfitters iOS App Virtual Try-On
How Might We ... improve upon Gen Z brand favorite American Eagle Outfitters in-store and online shopping activities to create a more seamless, fun, and personalized hybrid/omnichannel shopping experience.
Case Study: J.CREW App - iOS    Scan & Pay Cashierless Checkout
How Might We ... design the J.Crew iOS app that doesn't yet exist in the marketplace and create an innovative mobile checkout experience for shoppers who face the inconvenience of a long in-store checkout wait in a post-pandemic world.
Case Study: TARGET App - Employee Drive Up Android Checkout/Bag Experience
How Might We ... enhance the ease of fulfilling Drive Up (curbside pick up) orders for Target employees like Target Travis?
Case Study: TIVVIT App - Social Shopping iOS App Monetizing Shopping Habits
How Might We ... enhance ease of making style recommendations for Style Earner Elodie, which may result in more earnings?
Project: Reformation - Hybrid Shopping Checkout/Bag with Inventory Check In-Store Pick Up Experience & Marketing Funnel Lo-Fidelity Design Solutions
How Might We ... innovate and integrate Reformation’s in-store and online shopping activities to create a more personalized and seamless omnichannel customer shopping checkout experience.
Project: SHOPSTYLE - Heuristic Evaluation for iOS and Usability Study for Web Platform
How Might We ... understand the behaviors and needs of SHOPSTYLE users who seek a smarter way to shop for style online?
Project: TIVVIT App - FAQ User Manual Gap Analysis & iOS Simulation Testing: Eye Tracking
How Might We ... address a user's frequently asked questions on the most critical or widely gapped parts of TIVVIT's features to SHOP fashion inspiration, SHARE style advice, and EARN from style recommendations?
Case Study: CMS PULSE -Emergency Notification Tool for iOS & Web
How Might We ... alert Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) employees of an emergency with web or mobile notifications?
Case Study: Front-End Coding and Responsive Web Design of the CMS eHCD Microsite
How Might We ... efficiently iterate on a Microsite that smoothly guides Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) employees from a Confluence space to more HCD content and resources online?