Hi, I'm Jilene Jackson, a UX/UI Designer with 5 years of UX Design experience

and over eight years of experience in visual design and branding. I live just outside of Washington DC and I am passionate about leveraging over ten years of education and career experience in Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology. My expertise includes:

  • Data-driven user personas and wireframes.

  • Front-end development coding (HTML/CSS & Content Management Systems).

  • White-glove design systems.

  • Intuitive user interfaces that promote human-centered problem-solving.

  • Accessible and inclusive design.

  • UI embellishments that are attractive, functional, and reliable.

  • Branding that attracts, retains and delights users.


Empathy + Psychology

I started my career in Psychology which led to 12 years of experience in Cognitive and Behavioral Psychiatry that has cultivated a unique ability to connect with people's needs with a wellspring of empathy that easily translates to empathy for users online. My expertise in Clinical Psychology and Psychiatric Testing allows me to bring tremendous value as a highly-skilled team member who

  • can collaborate with a variety of multidisciplinary and cross-functional teams

  • perform qualitative and quantitative research methods

  • conduct in-depth interviews

Additionally, I often use the design principles of Gestalt Psychology and Color Psychology in my visual design work.

Masters Degree Work

With the gift of time and remote connection, I took advantage of the COVID-19 quarantine to begin a Masters in Professional Studies for UX Design with the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). Currently, I am maintaining a 4.0 GPA in challenging coursework of:

  • Foundations of UX Research

  • Foundations of UX Design

  • Prototyping

  • Utility and Usability

  • UX Tools

  • UX Project Management

MICA's rigorous program is improving my approach to problem-solving and technical design skills which have resulted in tangible wins for my client stakeholders.

On track for graduation in December 2021.

UI + Prototyping

I am a fashion intellectual and photographer, which elevates my ability to build stylish and intuitive interface designs. I am adept at ...

  • Color Psychology

  • Gestalt Design Psychology

  • Meticulous construction of component-based UI design libraries, iconography systems, branded style guides, and mood boards

  • Promotion of accessible and innovative prototyping based on prioritization of user needs, research, and iterative testing

As a design tool-agnostic, I believe that being able to work with multiple design tools and software makes me a more resilient and well-rounded designer.

Storytelling & Branding

I believe in the power of storytelling and its ability to connect the collective human experience and to engage us immediately. Creative visual narratives in design can greatly improve our lives and be an important tool for cultural and social change. I am especially talented in:

  • Curating brand identities

  • Produce engaging copywriting, color, layout, and typography choices that cognitively attract and persuasively emote to users

  • Crafting user personas validated by user interview narratives in research

I believe that story-driven design humanizes technology that can lead to effective marketing strategies that connect consumers to positive brand associations.

How do I explain what I do at a party?

" I use psychology and style to humanize & beautify websites and apps to make our technology useful for our daily lives.”

How We Met

My meet-cute with design

As a kid, I was obsessed with the Style Network, a now extinct cable channel where I absorbed hours of fashion and style content. Fashion opened door to the world of design and I immersed myself in the behind-the-scenes curation of design collections and the theater of runway shows. An interest in fashion design introduced me to details of the design cycle and what exactly goes into bringing a garment and collection to life through interviews with my favorite fashion designers. As a graduate of Concordia University in Irvine, California, I majored in Psychology and discovered Visual Design and how Psychology can be a superpower in creating designs that resonate with what people need and want. I took a few design courses my senior year to fill elective requirements and loved the introduction to the Psychology behind the design and having a creative outlet.

Design Philosophy
"We all deserve intelligent + beautiful digital experiences that bring utility to our daily lives."

My Design Beliefs

"We all deserve"

I believe in accessible design, a practice of making my designs usable for any and everyone. I believe that design should humanize technology in a way that is inclusive and diverse.


I believe in design that is validated by research and data-driven. I believe that good design makes the complicated simple. Design should be intelligent, intuitive, and infused with psychology that anticipates user needs and resolves pain points.


I believe in delightful design that is creative, clever, and attractive. I believe that content voice, graphics, typography, visualizations, colors, iconography should communicate personality and emotion. I believe that design should be aesthetically striking and pleasantly engaging.

"digital experiences"

I believe in design that curates unique, irresistible, and memorable, experiences for websites, apps, and digital products or services.

"that bring utility to our daily lives".

I believe in design that is functional, useful and brings improvement and innovation to living life. I believe in design that demonstrates seamless paths, solves or prevents problems.

Hobbies + Interests
 Jilene (left) and Lana (right) Co-Founders of The Storied Life Podcast

Jilene (left) and Lana (right) Co-Founders of The Storied Life Podcast

What I do when I'm not working

I code, produce, and co-host a fashion site and shoppable podcast called The Storied Life that shares the story behind BIPOC fashion and beauty brands. Through each episode, my sister Lana Jackson and I inspire listeners to discover and shop for products made by designers and brands from communities of color. Our love for the entertainment and fashion industries find their home on our podcast, where we've interviewed industry professionals like:

  • Jolie Andreatta

    • TV Costume Designer for Meghan Markle & the cast of USA's legal drama SUITS.

  • Lauren Napier

    • Celebrity Makeup Artist for Saturday Night Live.

  • Elizabeth Stewart

    • Celebrity Fashion Stylist for Viola Davis, Jessica Chastain, Gal Gadot, Julia Roberts, and Lili Reinhart.

  • Peggy Li

    • TV Jewelry Designer whose jewelry can be seen on hit TV shows like Riverdale, The Bold Type, Little Fires Everywhere, and The Bachelorette.

I work hand in hand with different brands to create content and media campaigns that drive revenue and strong KPIs that increase their ROI and brand awareness across omnichannel platforms. Additionally, working on The Storied Life's website on WordPress allows me to practice my front-end development coding and UI skills.

Other Hobbies

  • Fashion Photography

  • Dance

  • Roller Blading

  • Avid Cinephile

Get To Know Me Figma File

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