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Tell us how it started and give context!

Tell us more about the circumstances of your project.

  • What was the product you worked on?
  • Who was the target audience? What problems do the product solve for them?
  • What was the business challenge your team wanted to solve with this project?
  • What was your role? Who did you work with?

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Customer Journey


To understand how customers find and interact with the service we created a Customer Journey Map.

Guiding Questions:

  • What were the steps of the customer journey?
  • At what point did the user realize the need for a solution?
  • How do they search for a solution and how does the user find the service?
  • How do they interact with the service?
  • What happens after using the service?
  • What were the main touchpoints at each step where the user contacted with the service?
  • What were the main pain points for the user during the customer journey?
  • What solutions did you find to treat these pain points?
  • What new features or design changes came from mapping the customer journey?
Case Study 1
Case Study 1



At the beginning of my design process I created wireframes for testing purposes.

Guiding Questions

  • Why was it useful to do this?
  • What kind of wireframes did you make?
  • Low fidelity or high fidelity?
  • What tool did you use for this?
  • Did you use them for testing?
  • How many iterations did you have?
Case Study 1

UI Design


Once I tested out all usability mistakes, I started designing the final screens in Sketch.

Guiding Questions:

  • What kind of visual style did you follow? (Fresh, corporate, dark, light?)
  • What inspired you to use this style?
  • Did you follow any guidelines? (Material Design, iOS Styleguide, etc?)
  • What platforms did you design for?
  • Which details really fill you with pride?
  • How does your final design reflect your learnings about your users?
  • How does this design help achieve business or user goals?
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What have you learned from this project?

Explain what you had learned, experienced, or simply how you felt during the project.

  • What were your biggest fears, problems, struggles?
  • How did you overcome them?

Being honest is a good thing, it means that you are aware of what you’re doing.

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