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Print & Packaging

It's fun to stay at the C.M.Y.K.

Print design is all around us, often in ways we take for granted.

It was the foundation of my journey into the world of design.

I still adore it to this day and revel in any opportunity to work on a traditional graphic design project! 🥰

My Design Approach

For all of these projects, I followed a traditional design process, from concept to completion.

Design Process:

  • Review Creative Brief with the stakeholder/client

  • Research the company, competition, product

  • Brainstorm solutions

  • Sketch out concept

  • Develop the design

  • Present and refine the work

  • Send designs to production and deliver final files to the client

Print Projects


Art Direction
Print Production
Visual Design


A good portion of the subject matter I'm sharing is from the medical device industry, where I spent the better part of the last decade. However, I have taken on many freelance projects in between, so you may find a renegade project or two.

Examples here include:

Brochures, Sell Sheets, Posters, Direct Mail Postcards, Banner Stands, Infographics, Advertisements, Product Guides, Style Guides, etc.

Print & Packaging

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