The shadows on the curtains grew dim, and I knew that midnight was near. Suddenly, a woman's cough came from the stairs outside the house, very slight, but clearly discernible. I got out of bed and walked softly outside. Verse 62: Chapter 11 Fright (3) I thought of the back of the painting, she must not leave, do not leave us an empty frame. I think the artist is keeping some secrets from me, or he wouldn't have covered the painting with a cloth. The corridor was dark. Instead of turning on the lights, I held my breath and went upstairs. That painting is very important to me now, and I have no reason not to care all the time. Something happened that shocked me. When I put my ear to the painter's door and listened, I heard a woman's voice, as if asking where the shampoo was. I think of the painting, the long hair on the top of the head. The long hair must be down now. It needs to regain its softness in the water. I stood outside the door like a shadow and touched my long hair in the dark. This is the second expression of a woman. 32 The next day, I went to investigate the loan application that the company handed in to General Manager Zhao. When I passed the uncompleted residential flats, I really wanted to get off and have a look at Master Xue. I wonder if he was guarding there with gauze wrapped around his legs. But it was only a fleeting thought. After all, I had more important things to do. I sat opposite General Manager Liu and watched him browse the material. I'm in the bag, just waiting for him to say OK. General Manager Liu slowly raised his eyes from the paper to me and said, "Is this application filled out by Zhao Kaimiao in Ziyuan Resort?"? Oh, it's a nice place to drink tea and wine,Flushometer valve, isn't it? There was a buzz in my head. It's over. Have my smart-aleck plans been exposed? My mind quickly flashed through the two waitresses who appeared one after the other in the teahouse. However, when I talked to General Manager Zhao, they were very far away. Besides, General Manager Zhao and I had very low voices. They could not hear us unless there was a hearing device installed at the tea table. However, the choice to go to Ziyuan is only a temporary decision, and the survey company can not rush ahead of us to do tricks. I calmed myself down and tried to be honest. Yes, I met him in the Purple Garden. Very good,push button toilet flush valve, General Manager Liu said, in front of Zhao Kaimiao, you played the role of a noble person well, and you must be rewarded when it is done. It's just that the assets he filled in may be difficult to satisfy our client. I said, as far as I know, he really only has that painting left. I dare to answer this because I have felt from General Manager Liu's words that he only knows that Zhao Kaimiao and I met in Ziyuan. General Manager Liu said that whether this material is good or not depends on whether our client, Mr. Sun, accepts it. Of course, we all hope that he will accept it. In this way, a job has been done. However, I think Mr. Sun will raise an objection. I said, that's the truth. I've done my best. Let's convince Mr. Sun together. General Manager Liu said that only after he read the material, you still continue to monitor Zhao Kaimiao. I deliberately said, Urinal Manual Flush Valve ,Prison toilet for sale, General Manager Liu, you know everything, do you still need me to monitor? General Manager Liu smiled and said, "Don't be oversensitive. I know it's just an accident that you are in Ziyuan.". You don't know that Ziyuan is in a difficult business now, and it is talking to me about cooperation. By the way, I will talk to you, and there is no other meaning. You let go of your work. I never doubt people. I don't doubt people. The smiling face of General Manager Xie of Ziyuan appeared in front of my eyes. Son of a bitch, it's the first time I've ever uttered such a curse in my heart. He also said that General Manager Zhao had saved his life, but at this time he started to do things that added insult to injury. Walking out of the survey company and looking at the traffic flow in the city, I was in a mess. Whether the asset survey was completed or not is still unknown. In addition, when General Manager Liu talked to me about Ziyuan, it was not entirely casual. His implication may be that you have to be honest, every investigator is in the hands of the investigation company. It seems that I have to be more cautious in the future. After I got into the taxi, the first thing I wanted to do when I got back was to confirm the price of the painting with the artist. Thinking of the woman's voice in the painter's room at midnight last night, I was really worried about what happened to the painting. When the car stopped at a red light at an intersection, I suddenly changed my mind and let the car go to the apartment building where Fang Li lived. There were two purposes for me to go to Fangqi first. One was to ask him if he had really offered 50,000 yuan for the painting. If so, it would be too high to offer 100,000 yuan now. In addition, the painting had been in his room for some time. Did he find anything unusual. It was a quarter past ten in the morning when we arrived at Fangzhi's residence. I knocked repeatedly, but there was no one in the room. Walked downstairs to call him on his cell phone, which was turned off. I haven't been in touch with him for many days, and the man suddenly seems to disappear. Thinking that the last time we met was at his house, he and his wife Xiao Ke, who suddenly appeared, invited me to dinner, and when I left his house and returned to get my mobile phone, I found him staring at the painting alone, and Xiao Ke had disappeared.. Verse 63: Chapter 11 Fright (4) I took a car to the entertainment city to find him. Although he claims that he owns a company with tens of millions of assets and wants to run a plantation in Hainan, I believe that he is just a security guard in an entertainment city, because I believe in my eyes. When I went to the entertainment city with General Manager Liu that night, although he only flashed in front of my eyes in his security uniform, the scar on his face was very dazzling. The car stops at the entertainment city. I stepped out of the car door and looked at the palatial building, which looked very lonely in front of the door in the morning. There was a forest in the distance, and I knew that the parking lot was in the secluded place. I saw the scene of car smashing that night again. I didn't expect that such a bold thing was done by a group of high school students. I walked up the grand marble staircase and asked a cleaning woman who was mopping the floor in the lobby about the square. She shook her head and said, I don't know. Seeing me standing there, she pointed to a security guard passing by and said, "Ask him.". The young man in security uniform thought about it and said, "Fang Qi, there is no such person.". What does he do? I said security, too. He said, no way,stainless steel shower tray, there is no such person in the security guard, but I just came to work here, you can ask someone else.