Song Yingrong crouched in front of him, poked him in the face and laughed at him: "It's so silly that it's bubbling." She picked up Gu Bai's coat on the ground, covered him, sat aside, quietly watching, open the palm of her hand, warm jade. She did not know why she had been carrying the jade with her, but had never returned it to its original owner. The next day, the weather was just right, Kikyo started shooting, and all the crew members were busy preparing early in the morning, not including Ruan Jiangxi, who was the last one to arrive at the set. Lu Qianyang looked at the time: "The director and scriptwriter arrived early, and the movie king Qin also arrived 20 minutes early. Only you were an hour and 45 minutes late." She's telling the truth. She's definitely not complaining. Ruan Jiangxi was somewhat annoyed: "I overslept." Lu Qianyang gave a subtle look: "No need to explain, I understand." Ruan Jiangxi bowed his head, did not explain, ears a little red, secretly decided that next time must not be used to Song Ci so noisy. Needless to say,fake ficus tree, young people are full of vigor and vitality. Lu Qianyang is very considerate. He said to the makeup artist, "Hurry up to put on her makeup, especially on her neck and collarbone. Put some thick makeup on her." Ruan Jiangxi bowed his head in embarrassment, and even the makeup artist blushed with an old face. Lu Qianyang was thick-skinned and spoke with a straight face: "Jiangxi, in the future, can we not use Song Shao to leave traces in such a conspicuous place? If you want to kiss or bite, you can't cover it with a little more clothes. No matter how bad it is,large artificial blossom trees, go down again." Ruan Jiangxi interrupts: "a thousand sheep." Do not interrupt this topic, Lu Qianyang has been down, do not know how to say muddy words. Lu Qianyang finally pointed out the key point: "Avoid conspicuous places in the future." Ruan Jiangxi admitted his mistake with a good attitude: "I will try my best." As far as possible? The implication is that if Song Ci wants to insist, she will compromise. Lu Qianyang hates that iron does not become steel: "You can spoil him." Then he asked Ruan Jiangxi, "What happened to the picture last night? It's not like your style." "It was uploaded by Song Ci." After thinking about it, Lu Qianyang nodded his head again and again: "Refute the rumor, declare sovereignty, and by the way, let you cede territory and pay indemnities. Kill three birds with one stone. It's brilliant. It's really brilliant. As expected, no businessman is not a traitor." The direct manifestation of the cession of territory and indemnity is the traces below Ruan Jiangxi's neck. This round of scandal in Ruan Jiangxi has come down, but Song Ci has tasted the sweetness. What about the company? The company will hold a press conference in the afternoon. General Manager Wei personally came out to refute the rumor for you. It should be the words of Sinan International. The directors of Tianyu have become frightened birds one by one. Several contracts of TP-M have been intercepted by the company. It seems that they are ready to be frozen. After all, I'm still afraid of the power of Song Ci. Otherwise, how can this scandal spread? It's all about the company's profits. Ruan Jiangxi's headlines, artificial grass panels ,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, to put it bluntly, don't rub white, don't rub white. It's all about the same company. Fat water doesn't flow into the fields of outsiders. Unfortunately, the fertile water of Ruan Jiangxi was independently contracted by Song Ci. It's a pity. Ruan Jiangxi said, "The company should have spent a lot of resources packaging them." Lu Qianyang didn't take it seriously: "What's the pity? I'm an experienced person. I'm used to seeing the twists and turns in the entertainment circle. What's the use of only having a face and strength in this circle? I don't even have a brain. I might as well change my profession as soon as possible. It's OK to hype, but I can't help overrating my ability. There are so many ways to become popular overnight. It's a big deal to climb Zhang Hailin's bed. He doesn't like that, but he hits you on Even if you don't see the light this time, you will die of stupidity sooner or later. Ruan Jiangxi did not say much about the rules of the entertainment circle. He only asked, "What time can we finish work today?" The desire to return home is like an arrow, and the Lord of the pond is very strict. Lu Qianyang understands: "Your part of the play has been arranged after the New Year, and you will have nothing to do after the opening ceremony." He blinked his big eyes and laughed maliciously. "Why, do you want to go to the front of the emperor to wait on him?" This close body, understand, understand! Ruan Jiangxi is a serious and honest girl: "I promised Song Ci to have lunch with him this week." Lunch? Finish eating by the way to do something else, Song Ci which time to pick up Ruan Jiangxi to eat lunch is not eating to detain people. Lu Qianyang despised: "Cession of territory and indemnity, loss of sovereignty and humiliation of the country!" "Be obedient!" Suddenly an angry and helpless male voice came over, and it was the lounge next door. Lu Qianyang glanced at Ruan Jiangxi and said, "Next door is Qin Yi Road." It is said to be the last holy lotus flower in the entertainment circle. This title alone can arouse all the gossip factors in Lu Qianyang's body. Close up and listen carefully. Walls have ears. Don't fool around. Qin roared all the way, and seemed to coax, "I don't agree, go home immediately." In this tone, it must be a woman on the other end of the phone. Women.. Lu Qianyang rubbed his chin, and a paparazzi's heart was ready to move. His back was touched. Turning around, Ruan Jiangxi shook his head and told her with his eyes, "Don't listen to indecent assault.". Don't listen, don't listen! This unruly sheep! "No!" Qin roared all the way and softened his voice. His voice was as gentle as the spring breeze in April. "Baby, be obedient. There are many people outside, and there are many bad people. I'm not at ease when you and Dabao come out. Wait for me at home. Take good care of Dabao and Xiaobao. Wait for me to go back and bring you Tian Ji's mousse cake, huh?" Baby, Dabao, Xiaobao.. Sod honey? This tone, this use of words, has a sense of kidnapping the children of good families. The movie king of Qin is in such bad taste. Don't be self-willed. Qin was serious all the way. "Baby, don't hang up on me, baby." Then he heard a loud roar from Qin: "Bai Qingqian!" Presumably, this Bai Qingqian is Qin Yilu's Dabao SOD honey. Hung up the phone and Qin turned his head all the way. Sorry "Excuse me." The former was said by Ruan Jiangxi, and the latter was Qin Yilu. Lu Qianyang looked up at the sky and pretended to be stupid. We didn't mean to eavesdrop. The sound insulation is not very good. Please forgive me. Ruan Jiangxi is very polite. Well, of course Ruan Jiangxi didn't mean it, but someone else is another matter. It doesn't matter. I'm talking too loudly on the phone. I'm disturbing you. As the rumor goes, Qin Yilu's upbringing and politeness are excellent. Gentleman Pei Pei, gentle as jade,artificial banyan trees, really does not live up to his reputation. No Ruan Jiangxi stretched out his hand, "Hello, I am Ruan Jiangxi." 。