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"What?"? Martian? Are you sure it's not an April Fool's Day joke? When he got a phone call from General Hadilun, Li Yalin almost jumped up from the sofa. Isn't the news too unscientific? "Do you think I'm still in the mood to joke with you?" General Hadilon on the phone gave a wry smile? He can't even find a way to cry now, and this is really a big deal. "Tell me what's going on!" Li Yalin frowned, although General Hadilun's words are out of line, but look like this, it should be a big event. "It started yesterday." Next, General Hadilun told Li Yalin how the world had changed since last night. It turned out that at about nine o'clock last night, a shrill air-raid siren suddenly sounded in Chicago, the United States. At the same time, you would also see that there were countless small bright spots in the sky that had been completely darkened. Look carefully, where is this bright spot? It is simply a disk-shaped UFO! These UFOs fell from the sky and dealt a devastating blow to Chicago. The green and red lights emitted from the UFOs were so powerful that Chicago's defensive forces alone could not resist them. Although the US army took action at the first time and sent numerous fighter planes and anti-air weapons to the surrounding air bases, these UFOs seemed to be endless. If it hadn't been for the decisive dispatch of the regular army, the US air force would have been completely destroyed by these UFOs. "How can you prove that the people in this flying saucer are Martians?" Li Yalin is still very curious about this, after all, from the beginning, General Hadilun bluntly said that the Martians attacked the Earth. "According to our inside information, the appearance of these Martians was planned by Marshal morden, who had cooperated with the Martians in order to bring the whole earth under his command." General Hadilun's tone was very heavy, and he knew that Marshal morden was an idiot, but he did not expect that he was an idiot. Doesn't he know that if he is not of my race, his heart will be different? Working with the Martians? Thank God you came up with that. "I see, well, I know." Hearing that this was actually stirred up by Marshal morden, Li Yalin did not have too many accidents. It was not only the outer space information found from the sound nest, but also because Li Yalin seemed to remember that this picture had appeared when he was playing Metal Slug before, that is, the outer space octopuses driving flying saucers. "So what are you going to do, General Hadilan?" The earth is invaded by Martians, which seems to be watching a movie,carnosic acid price, but in any case, the world is in crisis, although Li Yalin is not a savior, but at least he will not see the earth where he lives occupied by aliens and sit idly by, but only by Li Yalin alone, it still depends on what General Hadilun plans to do. "We can't let these damned people take over the earth in any way!"! However, there is no progress on the Martian side at present, and we can only rely on military weapons to resist, so I think we should put the target on Marshal morden! Hadilun's grasp of the overall situation is still very good, now we do not know anything about the Martians, rather than blindly resist it is better to temporarily hold the opponent, by the way from the mastermind marshal morden there to get better news, if things go well, maybe those damn Martians can be driven out of the earth! "Well, gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract ,tannic acid astringent, I see. I'm in on this." Li Yalin nodded. Marshal morden? Long wanted to kill you, now just have the opportunity, of course, Li Yalin will not let go. "Then please, Yalin." Li Yalin is one of Hadilun's enemies. Maybe Li Yalin's appearance can bring peace to the world. In fact, this Martian invasion, the scale is still relatively small, at least engaged in the present, the victim city is only Chicago, I do not know if Chicago is too unlucky, how to choose here? Of course, even if there is no blow, but other countries have begun to take action, deploying troops toward the United States, vowing to work together to drive aliens out of the earth, after all, there are eggs under the nest, if the United States is destroyed, it is inevitable that the next turn is their own. What is more certain now is that although the Martian technology is advanced, it is not unbeatable. Although it was caught off guard at the beginning, after several exchanges of fire, the United Army, composed of the regular army and a group of support troops, has discovered the weakness of the Martians. Well, it's not exactly a weakness, except that these Martians, with their octopus-like brains, can't seem to get out of a flying saucer, which means they can only fight in the air. Since it is an air battle, it is like a comparison. Although these flying saucers have advanced weapons, move very fast, and fly unpredictably, as long as the tactics are used properly, they can still be destroyed. After all, there is strength in numbers, and these flying saucers will be destroyed sooner or later. The United army is preparing how to fight back against the Martians, not to mention, at this time Li Yalin side is gathered together, is discussing how to attack marshal morden base, according to intelligence, marshal morden actually built the base in the south pole As the only uninhabited continent on earth, the desolation and harsh conditions of Antarctica are needless to say, but it is precisely because of this that no one would have thought that Marshal morden would make such a crazy move. But is marshal morden really crazy? Of course, the answer is no, with the help of Martians, he can easily build an underground base in Antarctica, but this is a difficult challenge for Li Yalin and his party. No wonder,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, the temperature in Antarctica is maintained between minus 60 and 80 degrees all the year round, and there are often snowstorms with winds as high as 12. Even fighters can't survive in this environment, let alone attack the enemy's base. prius-biotech.com