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As soon as Wu Jiuzhi heard this, his face changed greatly and he said in horror, "According to what Mrs. Hu said, the masters I saw in the valley who had reached the tenth level of skill had also come to attend the Immortal Promotion Meeting."? That also compares what, the other level low person goes up, is not to want to die? "That's not necessarily true. Who says that a person with a higher level can win a person with a lower level? If a person with weaker magic power uses some powerful amulets or carries some powerful magic instruments with him, he will still beat the person with higher magic power all over the ground." Originally from the beginning of the room, has not spoken of the black gold, suddenly came out of such a sentence, let the whole room look at it! "Yes, what the Black Gold Brothers said is very reasonable. It is not the most important thing for people like me to fight for immortals. The most important thing is to see the power of the magic they have mastered and the flexible use of them, as well as the power of the objects they can use!" The Taoist priest with blue stripes also agreed. Brother Hei Jin and the Taoist Priest Qingwen are really to the point. Otherwise, there is no need to hold the Immortal Promotion Meeting at all. As long as all the participants stand there, it will be OK to compare whose magic power is deeper. Hu Pinggu laughed. After listening to the words of Mo Jin and others,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, Wu Jiuzhi was not happy, but kept muttering in his mouth with a sad face. Awesome instrument.. The powerful amulet. Hu Pinggu ignored Wu Jiuzhi this time, but continued: "Because there are too many people taking part in the competition, the Shengxian Society will set up seven arenas at the same time, representing the seven immortal sects of the State of Yue. Whoever wants to be a disciple of any sect can compete in any arena.". The ring selection is based on the two-two winning system, two people compete,Nail Making Machine price, the winner can enter the next round, the loser is eliminated immediately, and then the other two people compete again. And so on, until after the full announcement, no one again to participate in this ring competition, and then began the next round of competition between the winners. In this way, the remaining ten winners are the new disciples of the Immortal Sect, who can get the qualification to take Zhuji Dan without seeing the same fierce competition inside the door. It can be said to reach the sky in one step! This is the process of the competition at the ascension meeting. But don't look at what I said simply, but the actual tragic scene on the stage, simply can not describe! "Hu Pinggu sighed with emotion as she spoke." I remember that in the last battle, wire nail making machine ,Nail machine supplier, there were more than a dozen immortals on the tenth floor who died, and even a pair of great masters on the eleventh floor bumped into each other, and both of them died together! As for the immortals on the ninth and eighth floors, more died in the ring. I heard that there were no less than hundreds of people. After all, in the last few rounds, no one would easily give up the Jackie Chan Road, and the casualties would be even worse! Hu Pinggu said here, with a sigh on her face! If you practice the basic skills to the eleventh level, do you still want to compete on the stage? I've heard people say, isn't the Xiuxian Sect automatically including such talented wizards? Why do those two people have to go on stage to fight? A female voice suddenly sounded, and it turned out to be the silent girl Honglian Sanren, who opened her mouth. Hu Pinggu laughed when she heard this. Red Lotus sister's question, I also had at that time, also once puzzled. Later, I met an elder of our casual training, and with a little guidance, I was suddenly enlightened! "I'm afraid the Wu brothers and the Han brothers also have this question!" "Not only did they not understand, but even our two brothers felt puzzled. The genius on the eleventh floor had a good and bright road to walk. Why did he have to squeeze into this single-plank bridge and fall to his death carelessly?" Kuroki also furrowed his brows and looked puzzled. I think the Taoist Priest Qingwen is calm and relaxed. He must have a well-thought-out plan for this. It's better for the Taoist Priest to explain it to them. Hu Pinggu giggled a few times and lightly threw the question to the Taoist priest. Qingwen Taoist was a little surprised, but then he admitted it silently. After hesitating for a moment, he opened his mouth and said: "In fact, both of them are members of the Xiuxian family. I'm afraid they spent a lot of elixirs to upgrade their eleven levels." He shook his head, as if disapproving of what the two men had done. ” "Isn't it normal to use elixirs to improve the realm?"? They can still worship the Xiuxian Sect! Wu Jiuzhi opened his eyes wide and had some doubts. Brother Wu has forgotten one thing. People who can practice eleven levels of skills before the age of 40 may be wizards to us, but in the eyes of those sects that have been passed down for countless years, these people are only reserve disciples with ordinary aptitude who have just met their requirements for joining the sect. Otherwise, these people would have been accepted as formal disciples by the Xiuxian sect when they were young. Even the people of their family felt that there was no future for people like them to enter the Xiuxian Sect reluctantly. Ken had no hope of winning the qualification to take Zhuji Dan among many disciples with better qualifications than them, so he simply left them behind and trained them specially. Has been lurking for decades, just in order to make a big splash in this immortal meeting, directly won the qualification to take Zhuji Dan, can also be regarded as another shortcut. But their family also did not expect, unexpectedly let two people with the same plan meet together, the result also died together, otherwise they will certainly be fulfilled! Qingwen Taoist said as he kept sighing! And Wu Jiuzhi and others have long listened to it. I said how the recent ascension meeting became more and more intense. Ten or eleven layers of people who had never heard of it in the past all appeared one after another. Kuroki muttered to himself. The girl and Wu Jiuzhi were also silent, and it was obvious that the information was a big surprise to them. Think about it, on one side are the great masters carefully cultivated and fully armed by the Xiuxian family,Nail machine manufacturer, and on the other side are those of us who are short of money and goods. How many of us do you think can succeed in casual practice? Hu Ping's expression was cold and somewhat self-deprecating! "According to this, the previous thing that those Xiuxian sects were overjoyed to get Ruyi disciples through the ascension to immortality meeting is also false. Is it a slap in the face?" Han Li touched his nose and looked thoughtful. Brother Han is right. There is no good thing in the world that is perfect in three aspects. It's good to be perfect in two aspects! Hu Pinggu gave Hei Mu a sidelong glance, which made Hei Mu's face slightly red. 。