Coding Samples

Curated compilation highlighting noteworthy coding projects I've worked on in recent years

01. Previous Portfolio Iteration
Coding Samples

Homepage of my previous portfolio (scrollable)

Built from scratch

HTML • Sass • Bootstrap • Font Awesome

I designed and custom coded by previous portfolio. It's bright. It's cheery. It's responsive. I'm proud of it!

The structure uses semantic tags to help keep the code organized and easy to read. I customized Bootstrap to create a stylish look while moving quickly.

02. A Client's Portfolio
Coding Samples

Click here to view the live website (image is scrollable)

Customizing a template

Nunjucks • Sass • Bootstrap • PHP

One of my former students hired me to develop a portfolio website for them. I utilized a Bootstrap template called Themebau which comes with several page types and even Figma files to make mockups.

The template uses Nunjucks in the HTML files which made customizations consistent across the site. The package did not come with a form processor so I wrote some PHP to handle contact form submissions.

A fun fact about this template was that Nunjucks macros for images did not include alt attributes so I updated the macros to make the site more accessible.

I handed over the production version of the files for uploading and future editing.

03. Restaurant with Popmenu
Coding Samples

Snippet of CSS from most recent iteration

Style evolves over time


Back when I worked as a web designer at Popmenu, I loved working with long-time customers to evolve their brand and style. After two years, clients qualified for a website refresh.

My client, Rendez Vous Café, was one of the first websites I built at Popmenu. And, wow did they have one of the best glow ups I've ever worked on! Below you'll see their website before Popmenu, at Popmenu launch, and then after their two year website refresh.

04. Capstone Client
Coding Samples

The MR. MIKES page of our proposed website (image is scrollable)

Building a website for a business

HTML • CSS • PHP • JS • WordPress

RAMMP Hospitality Brands, Inc. is a Canadian franchisor in the foodservice industry. Their most well-known franchise is MR. MIKES with over 40 locations across Canada.

The goal for this project was to develop a comprehensive communication campaign with responsive website redesign based on research, client goals, and customer needs.

My major responsibilities included acting as the lead developer for the new website. So, I built a custom WordPress theme!

05. A Fun Project
Coding Samples

Click here to view the live site (image is scrollable)

A playful website for children


This project required me to use advanced CSS like shapes and animations. The design of this site is pretty simplistic so that a child (or child with their parent) could easily scroll to the area of interest.

To make the experience universal across devices, I added JavaScript that made interactions to work on either click or tap.

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