Lin Zhenggang: How important are the two L's? Clients Possibilities _ Mining

Original title: Lin Zhenggang: How important are the two L's? Last night's small kitchen finally ushered in a "breakthrough". The importance of the "two Ls" has always been emphasized, but the students who have not yet started do not understand it. I guess most people are still "watching the fun",mining dth bit, but last night I finally saw the "breakthrough" of the two Ls. The problem of the two L's is where to find "possible customers". In the process of finding possible customers, the easiest pit for everyone to step on is "overreach". Everyone will say that "the market out of reach is poison",mining dth bit, but in practice, everyone starts their own "fantasy" machine, and the behavior of "thinking is reaching" is everywhere. The most reliable description comes from Peng Zong,dth button bits, who said that there have been only more than 40 customers in recent years, and now more than 100 customers can be "confirmed". This figure ratio is reliable, because more than 100 customers can indeed be "reached", and the possibility of customers is two or three times that of target customers, which is a 300-200% coverage. This coverage should ensure that there is a basis for "customer optimization". If the L2C of the enterprise is like mining equipment, the ability of the two L is the mining drill bit of the mining equipment. If the drill bit is not sharp enough, it can only find diamond powder in the original stone. At present, the whole L2C process has been detailed enough, and the commit report version can fully cooperate. Now we need to learn to "focus",fastest dth hammer, find a reasonable proportion of "possible customers/target customers", and let the whole process run. This is the first step of "where to hit where". Okay, that's all for today. Everyone is welcome to give feedback in the comments section! Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.