Forsythia's silver needle looks light, but no matter how dodge, can not escape, can always hit the target. Once again, he pricked the Jianjing point of Zhonggaoqiao. This time, he felt not pain, but like losing an arm. He could no longer stand such torture and ran away, wishing to throw the little witch behind him far away. RB people look silly, you know, Takahashi is famous for his arrogance, never say die, he personally wrote a word hanging in the study: I would rather die in battle than live on my knees. You can imagine how conceited his character is. But this moment, unexpectedly turned around and ran away! What's going on? Is there anything uncomfortable? Where is his Bushido spirit? Takahashi's heart is bitter, but the baby can't say. He was really afraid of being beaten, but how could he bow his head and admit defeat with his identity and position? So, when everyone saw Takahashi running all over the field with a bitter face, Forsythia followed him outside with a smile and shouted, "What are you running for? Mr. Takahashi, I just gave you a few needles. You're not scared to run away, are you?" "Mr. Takahashi, if you run to the horizon, you have to admit defeat." "Mr. Takahashi, I heard that your country has a good character of keeping promises. Why haven't you learned anything?" She called Mr. Takahashi, polite, smiling sweetly,Agate Slabs Countertops, without any aggression, like an innocent student. Mr. Takahashi, on the other hand, sweats like rain, runs breathlessly, looks ferocious, and is a villain. Even Takahashi's men also feel that this scene is hot eyes, feel that their boss was possessed by an unknown monster, is not a few needles gently needle it? Perfunctory,Stone Honeycomb Panel, as for so pretentious? Even if you want to touch porcelain, please be more professional. Finally, the forsythia, whose face was not red and whose heart was not beating, caught up with Mr. Takahashi, who was panting, and stabbed him with pain. Zaza, prick your little man. Zaza, prick your dog's head. Obviously very ferocious behavior, but inexplicably funny, everyone laughed, laughter constantly, the atmosphere is very happy. But I don't know that Takahashi's heart is broken, the place where he was stabbed is painful, and he can't exert himself. The pain spread rapidly to the limbs. He held his head and stared at forsythia fiercely. It was a pervert who stepped on the horse. Forsythia pursed her lips and dared to stare at her? It seems that the lesson is not deep enough. As soon as her heart moved, she imitated Takahashi's appearance, and the silver needle pierced his eyes. Takahashi tried to escape, but his whole body was weak and his feet seemed to stick to the ground. Seeing that the silver needle was about to fall, Grey Marble Slab ,Calacatta Nano Glass, he was scared out of his wits. I lost! I lost! Stop it! The silver needle stopped, only an inch away from his eyes, and Takahashi felt a dense chill. This woman is more determined than he is, more ruthless, more ruthless, and especially good at camouflage! It's obviously a man-eating flower. What kind of sunflower is it? He changed his mind and dared not think of her again. He was afraid to give him a sharp knife when he was sleeping at night. Forsythia raised her chin and was very proud. "Apologize to me." Takahashi is very busy at the moment. "I'm sorry, I was wrong. I won't dare to stay away from you any more." What is face compared to life? Forsythia smile like flowers, bright as sunshine, "Mr. Takahashi, I quite like this way of martial arts, civilized and innovative, right?"? I look forward to the next time. No matter how beautiful she is, Takahashi can't afford any other ideas. Now he just wants to stay away from her. "No, absolutely not." Listen to her. What is she talking about? Civilization? Something new? She's going to kill him! What kind of devil is this? He never wants to see her again! Mr. Takahashi left in a hurry with his men, followed by Kobayashi, who looked back at Forsythia when he left. Forsythia still looks like an innocent girl, with a pure and well-behaved smile. For some reason, Mr. Kobayashi shivered. Wait for a person to go, it is quiet finally, forsythia shrugs one's shoulders, all over relaxed. As soon as she looked back, she saw everyone staring at her with a strange look. She touched her stomach. "I'm so hungry. Eat the cake." Shen Jingmo could not help laughing, "I finally know that you usually eat so much, in the end where to eat." She bit Takahashi to death, but she was able to do it with ease, and her breath was not confused, and the meal was not free. Forsythia said that as a doctor, her physical quality should be shouldered, and she usually exercises every day. Forsythia cut the cake with her own hands and shared it with everyone, killing two pieces in a row. This chestnut cake is good. It's not very sweet. Cousin, you can run very well, but the way you prick people with silver needles is a little funny. It's really not like your usual style. Mr. Takahashi is even funnier. He was scared away by you. She was a layman. She didn't see anything. She just thought forsythia was dancing. Forsythia ate a mouthful of cream and did not argue. "Oh, he is timid." Du Heng's mouth twitched, "obviously you are too ruthless, it is estimated that you will get sick." He's not very good at medicine, but he can read. It is totally different to stick it on an acupoint and stick it in an ordinary place. Forsythia looks like a random needle, but in fact, the needle has hit the main point, or a set of strange needling. Forsythia winked, very innocent, "to help him detoxify, is not very good?"? He has to thank me. Du Heng is a little sympathetic to Takahashi, his sister is a wonderful flower, most people are no match for her. I want to write it down that anyone in the world can be offended, but not Miss Lian. "Ha ha ha." Du Heng sent her a set of medical books. "Come on, this is a gift from my brother." This is the ancient medical book he got by accident, and it is most appropriate to give it to his younger sister. Forsythia eyes brush bright, "thank you little brother." Lian Ershao sent a bronze figure, half a meter high, each acupoint is marked, which is equivalent to the body meridian map. This is specially customized, and the hands and feet of the bronze figure can still move. Forsythia happily accepted them, and their gifts were sent to her heart. Lian Dashao sent a set of jewelry, hidden in the jewelry, such as bracelets are hollow,Pietra Gray Marble, a twist can be twisted open, you can put some small things. The earring is equipped with a special storage battery that can give an electric shock. The necklace pendant hides a small sharp knife. The key ring is an alarm. Pull it lightly, and you are the most shining baby in the whole street.