Short-path molecular distillation equipment operation process _ proceed

Original title: Operation process of short-path molecular distillation equipment During the operation of the short-path molecular distillation equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to certain operation procedures to avoid the unavailability of the entire short-path molecular distillation equipment and the unavailability of the supporting Wuxi Shengze refrigeration and heating temperature control system due to improper operation. Generally, the short-path molecular distillation equipment has passed the hydrostatic test and test run before delivery, and the indicators meet the requirements. Start the motor and observe whether the running direction of the motor is correct. It should rotate clockwise, not reversely. Measure whether the radial swing and axial displacement of the shaft meet the requirements, and check whether the seal is tight. Check whether the oil level of the reducer is in a normal state and whether the cooling water of the mechanical seal is kept unblocked. Turn on the circulating cooling water pump of the short-path molecular distillation equipment to keep the condenser in operation. The concentrate container is then opened and the vacuum valve is drawn. Open the feed valve and pump in the feed liquid. Turn on the power supply, start the motor, and observe whether the rotation direction of the motor is correct. Slowly open the steam valve and connect the steam trap, so that the steam pressure is about 0.15 MPa. Observe the discharging condition of the short-path molecular distillation equipment. After the equipment runs stably for 5 minutes, molecular distillation systems ,wiped film evaporator, sample and analyze the concentration of the concentrated solution. If the concentration is not up to the standard, adjust it. When the liquid level of the concentrated solution container is about to be full, it shall be switched to another container, and the switching shall be carried out according to the steps. The shutdown sequence of normal short-range molecular distillation equipment is as follows: close the steam valve, close the feed valve, drain the feed liquid, close the discharge valve, flush the equipment, stop the motor, stop the circulating water pump and jet pump, and open the vacuum breaking valve. When the short-path molecular distillation equipment has no feed liquid or is full of feed liquid, the motor cannot be started for stirring. It is strictly prohibited to run the motor in the reverse direction. When running, do not touch the rotating parts with your hands. Do not press the button with wet hands to prevent electric shock. Short-path molecular distillation equipment should pay attention to some safety knowledge as much as possible during operation to avoid some safety accidents,jacketed glass reactor, because safety production is very important. (This article comes from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete.) Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.