Dressed as a woman who abused the crying man [wear it quickly]

Min Ji is determined to be, the tip of the heart is hot, saying sweet love words, "Snow goose I like you, from now on only you." Confessed by a very excellent person, Lin Xueyan was naturally happy in her heart. "I know.." she whispered shyly. Two people's small movements, Gu Peibai sees in the eye, the fundus delimits a touch of dark light. Luo Jingshu stood up directly and said with a smile, "Is there anything else for the teacher?" "No, no." The head teacher was in a daze. Luo Jingshu nodded at her and said, "Then I'll go first." No matter whether she agreed or not, others looked at her and left with their bags. Luo Jingshu walked, originally is to walk a formality Qin Kui which still stays, also followed to walk, that follows behind his buttocks Cui Han naturally will not stay again. In this way, most of the people left in a short time. Lin Xueyan looked at the back of Luo Jingshu's departure, feeling happy to hook her lips, even if Han Xiaoya became better than her, so what? There is another thing that she can't compare with herself. The person she likes is herself. This makes Lin Xueyan more firm in the heart of the idea, and Min Ji together, can not let Han Xiaoya see a joke to go. Pay a lot of Min Ji, see the goddess finally clear response to their own,cold drawn tubes, immediately laughed like a fool, will be the bottom of my heart that different emotions completely forgotten. After leaving the classroom, Qin Wei caught up with Luo Jingshu, "Xiao Ya!" Luo Jingshu raised her hand, looked at the time, and looked at Qin Kui with an expressionless face. "What's the matter?" "No, I want you not to be angry. People like Min Ji are not worth it." Qin Kui carefully fawned on Luo Jingshu. Luo Jingshu looked at Qin Wei in a funny way, "then who do you think is worth it?" Qin Kui's face suddenly turned red. He was 1.9 meters tall and blushed like a monkey's ass. "I, I.." he stammered. After watching for a long time,beam impact tubes, Cui Han squeezed into the middle of the two, jumped up and patted Qin's head, "What are you?"! Didn't have lunch? I was so hungry that I stammered! Luo Jingshu did not pay attention to this pair of enemies, and looked at the time, was about to leave quietly, then see not far away Min Yao a face of spoiling waved to her. Luo Jingshu also did not say hello to two people, took the bag, ran toward Min Yao, eyes shining at him, "uncle!" Min Yao was so comfortable with her attentive eyes that she pinched the little girl's white face, took her handbag, and hugged her intimately and left. Qin Kui looked at the two people who left, the bottom of his heart rose a touch of strange feeling, did not wait for him to think carefully, Cui Han mercilessly patted his head, Cold Drawn Tubes ,impact beam tubes, grinning and ran away. Qin Lian immediately forgot the strange thing in his heart. His face turned black. He gnashed his teeth and roared: "Cui Han!"! Are you crazy?! The author has something to say: fat or not? 3 K words, the number of words updated at night is arbitrary, and the update time is the same as before. Thanks to the little angel who voted for me or irrigated the nutrient solution. Thanks to the little angel who irrigates [nutrient solution]: Did you endorse today? 10 bottles; Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard! ^_^ 、026 Luo Jingshu sat in the car and exhaled comfortably. Fortunately, the two annoying guys didn't catch up with her just now, otherwise she would have to nag. Looking sideways at the window, I happened to bump into Min Ji and Lin Xueyan, who were talking and laughing, holding hands. Luo Jingshu's eyes congealed, as if to see the change in their relationship. Uncle, shall we wait for Min Ji? Luo Jingshu withdrew her eyes and suddenly said to Min Yao with a smile. Min Ji looked at the rearview mirror, naturally also saw Min Ji, see Luo Jingshu care about his son, mouth and pursed into a straight line, tone cool way: "Xiao Ya want to wait?"? There's someone else around him. Luo Jingshu was amused, still pretending to be serious on her face, and lost in thought, as if wondering if she really wanted Min Ji to get on the bus. Min Yao was so jealous that the steering wheel was almost bent by him, and his whole body and mind seemed to be roasted in the fire, but his face was terribly cold. Luo Jingshu thought for a long time, suddenly chuckled, covered his little hand on Min Yao's veined arm, and comforted him silently: "I'd better not. Let Min Ji send the person he likes home.". ” Min Yao did not react for a moment, Luo Jingshu blinked at Min Yao, with a teasing smile at the corners of her mouth, "Didn't you say you were going to dinner?"? It's getting late. What else did Min Yao not understand? The little fellow deliberately made him feel uncomfortable. He shook off the little hand on his arm and snorted coldly, "I thought you weren't going to eat it!" "Why don't you eat free dinner?" Luo Jingshu took the veil to wipe her hands, smiling peerless, "can it be said that uncle is not willing to please?"? Then I'd better go with someone else, just as Qin Kui said. "Han Xiaoya!" Min Yao gave a low roar in a cold voice. "Are you willing to make me angry to death?!!" Luo Jingshu laughed out loud, tears in her eyes were about to come out, and repeatedly said that she dared not. Although Min Yao had the feeling of being played with in his heart, he saw Luo Jingshu laughing so happily that he let her go. He laughed and scolded: "Harm!" "A thousand years of disaster!" Luo Jingshu's eyes suddenly flashed a touch of sadness, so fast that Min Yao did not see it, as if seriously, "We will all live a long life." Her life is endless, but Min Yao is not, he is just an NPC in this world, but also a passer-by in her endless life. Sad is very short, Luo Jingshu a moment to think through, live in the present is the most important, who can know what will happen in the future? Accompanied by small mouths, they laughed all the way. The next day to the day to travel, this is made by Min Ji, he wants to give Lin Xueyan an unforgettable confession in front of the whole class. The place to go is the famous hot spring resort in the suburbs, which has everything except hot springs. Most people have been there. This time, the whole class will go together. It must be different from usual. Everyone is in good spirits. The school sent a bus to pick up, not to let these rich dudes drive a sports car alone, so as to reduce accidents, if something happens to the people here,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, their school can not afford to take responsibility. Luo Jingshu and Min Ji will be sent to the car, Min Yao answered a phone call, is sent to the small Qin Ang. cbiesautomotive.com