Beauty Heavy Desire _ Meaning Thousand Heavy (Full Text Plus Full Side Story)

Of course you won't let others bully me, because I will leave you alone to bully me. Early morning thought silently, let me die quietly in my sleep, do you think you are good to me before you die? Instead of answering Yanxin, she turned over and whispered, "I'm tired." Yan Xin put his arms around her with his backhand, lifted her buttocks, straightened his waist, and entered her body again from behind. "Morning son, let me ask you again.". I can't get enough of you. This time, you must give me a child. Early morning, with some sadness and despair, called his name for the first time, "Yan Xin, do you love me?" Yan Xin smiled: "Of course I love you.". If I don't love you, how can I marry you? What about you? Do you love me a little? Early morning sighed: "I used to think I don't love." As a result, she could not control her heart, and it was better not to love. Yan Xin was so ecstatic that he hugged her tightly and frantically kissed her in her ear: "My morning son, my morning son.". I love you, I love you. His hand touched Chuchen's face, which was wet. "What's wrong with you?"? Am I pushing too hard? He stopped nervously. No, I'm too happy. I always thought you didn't like me. The early morning turned around and buried his head in his arms, greedily inhaling the smell of his body. In the middle of the night, there were two bird calls outside the window. Yan Xin opened his eyes and took a look at the early morning. Her breathing was long and steady, and she slept soundly. Yan Xin lowered his head and kissed her gently on her forehead,beam impact tubes, pressed her sleeping hole, then dressed, pushed open the window and jumped out lightly. Liu Mei's voice came from outside the window: "Sir, it's all arranged." Yan Xin said in a low voice, "Everything goes according to the original plan." Quiet night silent, originally sleeping early morning opened his eyes, straight Leng looking at the top of the tent, she is waiting, waiting for what? She did not know, perhaps waiting for that person to come back,stainless steel tube 304, perhaps waiting for that person to call her? She looked up at the window until a thick smoke slowly came through the cracks in the door and window. Through the crack in the window, you can see the red fire mixed with billowing smoke sweeping this way. If you don't go, you may not be able to go. That person, after all, will not come. What he wants is her death. He wants to use her life to hold a memorial ceremony for his favorite mother. He wants to use her reputation to pave the way for his success and help him reach the peak of power. Early in the morning, he quickly grabbed his clothes and tied up his hair. When she reached the outer room, a dark shadow stabbed her fiercely with something in its hand, and by the light of the fire, she saw the young face of Liu Mei. Liu Mei, are you the one who was sent to end my life? Early morning was not stabbed, but painfully covered the heart, she waited for Yan Xin's knife. Although she was waiting for such an opportunity to get away, she never thought that when this moment really came, her heart would be so painful, even hate. Gentle and lovely Liu Mei is still so gentle and lovely, even with tears in her eyes: "Princess, you are a good person, aluminium coated tubes ,side impact beams, Liu Mei does not want to harm you, but I owe my master too much, can not complete the master's orders, my family will suffer.". I only wish that in the afterlife, I don't want to be a slave anymore. Liu Mei raised the dagger to stab the early morning again. "Liu Mei," said Chuchen, "I don't want to die yet, so I can only help you." The backhand stabbed the dagger in Liu Mei's hand into her heart, and Liu Mei fell down laughing against the wall. Early in the morning, he took a step back, resolutely carried Liu Mei to the bed, took off the Jasper bracelet on his wrist and put it on her, knocked down the oil lamp on the bed, lit the gauze curtain, opened the dressing box from the table, took out a silver hairpin inside, opened the window, and jumped out without hesitation. The flames and smoke soon engulfed the upper room where she had lived. Early morning just walked not far, a person rushed to her face, grabbed her shoulder, eagerly said: "Empress!"! Can find you, come quickly with the maidservant! Wang Ye is waiting for you downstairs! Early morning looked straight at the dusty face of Liu Qing, sneer: "He is waiting for me?"? Is he afraid I'm not dead and wants you to kill me? Liu Qing opened his mouth, "Empress, you misunderstood Wang Ye.". Didn't Liu Mei make it clear to you? What about her? "Make it clear," said Chuchen. "You can't make it any clearer. So I can't go with you. I haven't lived enough! One palm claps to Liu Qing. Liu Qing dodged and stamped his feet. "Empress, it's a long story.". You go down with me first, and then let Wang Ye tell you in detail, OK? Will Wang Ye still harm you? Seeing that the early morning was unmoved and the smoke and fire were rolling in again, she gritted her teeth and said, "Empress, the maidservant has offended you." One finger, like the wind, quickly came to the early morning. Liu Qing's kung fu is excellent, early morning is not sure whether to defeat her. A man rushed from the slanting thorn. It was Xiao Zhuyi. "You go quickly!"! I'll clean up the mess for you! The early morning knew that with Xiao Zhuyi's character, there would be no future trouble, and Liu Qing was bound to be doomed. Liu Qing is a good girl, but she is Yan Xin's confidant, today, not early morning death is Liu Qing dead, early morning also can not care so much, turned to run away. Liu Qing shouted behind her, "Empress, don't be hoodwinked by a traitor!"! How can you live up to Wang Ye like this? Xiao Zhuyi sneered, "How can you be worthy of her?" Just out of the inn in the early morning, I heard a hubbub, countless voices, the neigh of horses, the beep of flames, the collapse of houses, and the thorny sound of water pouring on the fire, which added a bit of prosperity to the lively fire. There were many people running back and forth to put out the fire, and she even heard Zhu Nian shouting to save the princess, and Yan Xin shouting her name. All around was baked hot, hot waves of heat swept over, but early morning only felt cold and tired,stainless steel 304 pipes, she just wanted to leave at the moment. He closed his cloak, lowered his head, and tried to find a place where there were fewer people.