There is room for a reborn legitimate daughter

She also entrusted Mrs. Ma to say, "Auntie, you know, the Crown Princess will leave tonight. The second aunt, the second sister-in-law and the princess want to talk to the Crown Princess about themselves. They don't have time to help me entertain guests. In my flower hall, I'm the only one to entertain guests. There are many guests coming today, and there are many official wives I don't know.." Auntie, I'm afraid I'll be too busy. My aunt and sister-in-law are here to help me entertain guests. She not only explained why she called Mrs. Ma's mother-in-law and daughter-in-law over, but also gave Mrs. Ma's mother-in-law and daughter-in-law a lot of face. The person who can help the host entertain the guests at the wedding banquet must have status and status. Chapter 3129. Especially today, there are many official wives who come to curry favor with the Su family. Some of them are third-grade and fourth-grade official wives. Mrs. Ma is a fifth-grade official wife. It would be a great good thing if she could take the opportunity to get to know more wives who are higher than the Ma family. Mrs. Ma was immediately in a good mood. "Qingqiu, don't worry. Those official wives will be handed over to my aunt. Maybe there will be people my aunt knows inside." "That's hard for my aunt." "It's not hard. Come on, Qingqiu. Let's go in. If you know someone, I'll introduce you." Mrs. Ma pulled Xu Qingqiu into the flower hall. Not to mention, there are really two wives that Mrs. Ma knows and gets along well with. It was even easier to have a wife who knew her. Mrs. Ma led Hsu Ching-chiu to deal with a group of official wives. Before long, Hsu Ching-chiu also got to know those official wives. He followed Mrs. Ma with a clear eye and a clear heart, learning how she socialized with the official wives. A few years later, after Su Mufeng stepped into the official career, the official career was smooth sailing, which was due to Xu Qingqiu's efforts to learn to make friends with the wife of the social officer, and his efforts to deal with his official career. On this side of the waterside pavilion, after Mrs. Ma's mother-in-law and daughter-in-law had gone, only the Su family was left, and when Mrs. Chou spoke, there was not so much concern. She took Su Huaiyu by the hand,side impact door beams, and her eyes were full of reluctance. "Su Huaiyu, the day for you to go back to your daughter's country is really set. Are you leaving tonight?" "Well, early this morning, the prince and I went to the palace and said goodbye to the Empress Dowager." Su Huaiyu said, turning his head and looking at the two sons who were playing with the twins and Su Muchen, his eyes were full of reluctance. Ruier's eyes were red and she grabbed a piece of her sleeve. "Niang, can't you take me and my brother with you?" "Mother, we won't give you any trouble, nor will we hold you back. Mother,side impact beams, can you tell Dad to take us with you?" Xiang'er looked at her longingly and prayed. Ruier, Xianger, not this time, wait a few years. Mother promised you that in a few years, mother and father would take you with them. And your brother, our family, go together. Su Huaiyu choked, the heart is not good, she also wants to take three sons to the daughter country, but the three sons are too weak, and the daughter country there, and dangerous. Nannan has been dragged into the whirlpool of the heir to the throne, her three sons, she does not want to be dragged into the daughter of the court's deception, perhaps eventually will become a victim of the royal family under the struggle. In the country of daughters, men are worthless, just like women in the country of southern phoenix. No matter how much they are favored when they are girls at home, Precision steel tubes ,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, when they get married, they will eventually be used by their families to exchange for greater benefits for the family. The greatest existence value of a man born in the royal family of the daughter country is also to exchange more and greater benefits for the royal family. Su Huaiyu did not want his three sons to become victims of the royal family of his daughter country. Even if you want to take them, also have to wait for them to grow up, wait for her and the prince in the daughter country to establish a certain force, enough to protect them, so that they can not be calculated by the royal family of the daughter country, then, she will not hesitate to take them. Ruier and Xiang'er burst into tears, and then remembered that today was the day when my uncle's little brother held a hundred-day banquet. They couldn't cry. It would be unlucky to cry. They suppressed their sadness and forced their tears back. Chapter 3130 Su Huaining was so distressed that she couldn't bear to see her two little nephews crying into tears. She opened her mouth and said, "Xiang'er, Rui'er, don't cry. You can't bear to part with your parents. After that, if you miss your parents, your aunt will take you to your daughter's country to visit your parents and sister." "Really.." Really? Xiang's tear-stained face suddenly glowed with light and stared at her in surprise. "Aunt, is it true what you said? Will you really take us to the country of daughters to visit our parents and sisters?" "Well, when did my aunt lie to you?" Su Huaining thought, go to the daughter country, go back and forth but a month time, anyway. But a month.. She is not in a hurry to practice, the time in the space is much longer than outside, she wants to practice, the time is much more than the average monk. She took her nephew to the daughter country, just right, anyway, she has a lot of time, and, with her and brother Ting around, with their cultivation, can also protect the safety of the children. So thinking, Su Huaining felt feasible and nodded heavily, "Aunt means what she says, or, before this year, I will take you to the daughter country for the New Year?" "Well, we're going to the country of daughters to celebrate the New Year with our parents and sisters." Xiang'er, who was crying like a little tearful person just now, now has a happy face and full of expectations in her eyes. He expected that as soon as his parents left, he would hurry to celebrate the New Year, so that he could see his father and mother again, as well as his sister. Take Big Brother with you, too. Ruier did not forget Liner in the palace. Su Huaining smiled, "well, take them all, but the queen mother and the empress may not agree, you want to go, then persuade a few elders in the palace of the task, will be given to you." "No problem, my great-grandmother and grandfather like us best, and they certainly don't want us to miss our parents and sisters when they are ill." This said, Su Huaiyu's eyes were red again, but somehow she held back and did not cry. She looked at her sister, "Xiao Ning, thank you. After I leave,side impact door beams, you go to the palace to see the three brothers. Although the empress Dowager loves them very much, she won't let people bully them, but they will also want you to go to the palace to see them." 。