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"The slag is small," Sun Monkey rolled a million miles, white clouds rolled only a few dozen miles, a slip of smoke disappeared in place. "Oh, after returning to my hometown, dead Xiaobai is much more cheerful than in the past." Seeing Baiyun leaving, Hua Feihua chuckled and sighed with emotion. Then her face sank and she said to Ye Qianhan, "We must keep up with the pace of dead Xiaobai when we come to practice." "Well," the snowflakes are floating all over the body, supporting Ye Qianhan like a goddess of ice and snow, with a calm look and firm eyes. Rumble When the last thunderstorm dissipated, the dark clouds disappeared. As expected, the white clouds were successfully promoted to the quasi-eight stars. Whether it was the body or the spirit, their fighting power was increased several times. The power of a blow was so powerful that the sky collapsed. If you really want to bombard the oceans, it will definitely trigger a tsunami earthquake that will destroy the world. It is estimated that it is not a problem for the body to cross the universe. "Well, first stabilize the realm, and then ascend to the eight-star bug king in one breath."? Peace of mind in your graveyard waiting for me "white cloud eyes lightning pattern bright, for the law of thunder understanding and deep, the elements of heaven and earth are mutually reinforcing, as long as one of them is understood, the other will naturally understand, and white cloud refined some memories of the insect king's body, naturally know what its body is,turmeric extract powder, in fact, he can go to kill now." Anyway, if you are willing to go, you need to rely on the items in the system to give a fatal blow, but for the sake of safety, you should go after the promotion of eight stars, before that. "Get through all the bases in China within two months." "Six brothers led 3 million evolutionists to gather with ten brothers in a certain place in the northeast ice city." "Sister Hua led 5 million to get through the central region." "Ye Shijie and Marshal Zhou led 8 million to open up the southwest region." "Xuan Qingqing and I will take 2 million practitioners to get through the southeast and coastal areas." "All right, that's it, be sure to clear a safe road,naringenin price, so that all the base cities in the Huaxia region can unite vertically and horizontally, and slaughter all the Zerg." In the conference room, Bai Yun sat high and spoke with fervor and assurance. "All the captains have been assigned to the intelligent liaison device, and they will keep in touch all the way." After seeing everyone nodding and confirming, Bai Yun waved his hand. "Departure" In the following period of time, the four brigades of the Hope Base, like four straight lines, advanced to all the flags of China, and with the help of countless wild animals that had mutated and evolved from the original earth creatures, they were like tigers with wings added, overwhelming, and slaughtered countless Zerg bases all the way without hindrance. And the Zerg probably received orders from the King to retreat, but in the end they fled without a fight and moved their bases to neighboring countries. A month and a half later, Guangdong, Guanggang Demon Capital "Fatty, this bloodthirsty broadsword is for you, fenugreek saponins ,jujube seed powder, and there is also a set of knife magic." This is an ordinary villa. After Bai Yun leaned on the railing of the roof and chanted a mouthful of good wine, he suddenly took out a blood-red broadsword and threw it to Fatty. "Isn't this Guan Gong's broadsword?" The fat man's eyes lit up and he tried to catch it with one hand. As a result, he stumbled and almost fell. "This is a treasure, a legendary magic weapon," Bai Yun smiled. "White eldest brother, I say why you are so good to me, are you in the end?" The fat man hesitated to speak. "What is it?" Bai Yun pretends to be stupid "You should know what it is, although it's hard to believe, but it's up to you to play." The fat man finally didn't ask, but in his heart he had already believed seven or eight points about Xuan Qingqing's guess. "Well, I admit it." Bai Yun shook his head helplessly. After all, some habits can't be changed. If we get along with each other for a long time, we will be exposed. If we continue to pretend, he will also feel twisted. "Sure enough is your boy" guess is one thing, when really heard the white cloud admitted, the fat man still stayed for a long time before he came to his senses, and then wanted to come forward as once ravaged the white cloud, but suddenly stopped. "Although changed a lot, but we are still brothers, do not need to care about what," Baiyun know what the fat man is thinking, look seriously said, came forward to give the fat man a man's hug. "That's it." a few hours later, Bai Yun briefly narrated the events of these years with the fat man. "This, this Nima is the standard protagonist mode." After a long time, the fat man cried out, and then suddenly lost in thought. After a long time, he went on to say: "Well, since I am the protagonist's brother, I have nothing to worry about. What insect king is a piece of shit." "Right." Harem? There are two women in the harem.. There are many beauties around. The sisters surnamed Zhou are pretty good, and the two elder martial sisters are the best royal elder sisters, and the "Qianyue Xiaoluoli" fat people chatter endlessly, and become more and more involved in the play. "Enough dead fat much you" white cloud but shake one's head, directly interrupted the imagination of fat, then way: "you YY yourself, YY I am how one thing?" "It's just a joke," the fat man complained, then straightened his face, shook his head and sighed: "I still can't believe it now." "How are you going to deal with things with Qingqing? If she knows about you and knows that you have two women, I guess." "Deal with it?"? After all, we have changed too much, too much in the future, Suiyuan has fantasized about the answer for five years, I want to know, but what should I do after knowing? The white clouds lay on their backs on the balcony, their eyes twinkling at the stars in the sky. "Xiao Bai" "Hm?" "You haven't changed at all. You're still so timid." "Uh" "Don't deny telling you one thing. In fact, the answer you want to know has been given to you by Qingqing of that year." "What?" Bai Yun has some reaction but can't take advantage of it. "That year," when the fat man told the story of the girl holding the boy's body in the rain, the balcony fell into silence. "That was the answer eleven years ago." After a long time, Bai Yun's nose was still sour and murmured. "You are still dull and timid, for so many years, Qingqing has been" the fat man looked at Baiyun contemptuously and began to talk about his experience with Ying Qingqing over the years. In a room of the villa,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, Dong Qingqing took back his divine consciousness and stared out of the window at the night with tears streaming down his face. The code word is weak, everyone is looking at "My name is MT" until now, and there is still some water. There are still seven days before the end of this month. It's really a long time. To be continued. Chapter 225 departure for the Pacific. The next day "Set out for Hope Base."