President Angel's Secret of Stealing Heart

First he gave a jolt, and then he asked hurriedly, "Which Miss Jane?!" It's your last cook, Chien Shu-chien. It was reported in the newspaper that she was going to marry Xiao Wenzhang, chief neurosurgeon at × × Hospital. 」 "I see!" Without saying a word, yuan Zuye grabbed the newspaper and looked at it. Sure enough, he saw the marriage message in a small corner called the apricot altar tidbits. Between the lines, the reporter who wrote the article constantly praised Dr. Hsiao, saying that he was a world-famous doctor known by everyone and had a high social status that people respected. He also said that he had excellent medical skills, benevolence and kindness, and was still close to the sick. Finally, he even said that although he and the bride were 30 years apart, they were born to be a good couple. The newspaper also published a photo taken at their engagement reception. The bald, fat and elderly man stood happily beside his daughter, holding her little hand and cutting the cake. yuan Zuye just wanted to vomit. What does she think she's doing?! He stared at the photo without a happy face, but still beautiful and lovely Jane Shu, how can not understand why Jane Shu to marry this disgusting man? Because the old man has money? But she sold the confidential data of Wuxing Steel to Xincheng Steel, and she should get a lot of money. Why did she marry this ugly old man for money? So it's because of love? It's even more impossible! He did not believe that Jane would really like this old man who was enough to be her father! Whatever the reason,Kava Root Extract, he couldn't watch her fall, he had to stop her! "The wedding date is.." yuan Zuye bowed his head to find the time and place where the article was written at the end, and his face suddenly changed in horror. "Today?!" "Yes." Zou Yongjie did not know the struggle in his heart, but even comforted himself: "Miss Jane betrayed you, but finally married such an old man. This is God's punishment for her. Don't take the painful memories of the past to heart any more.." What do you know?! You don't know her at all, so why should you comment on her actions?! yuan Zuye suddenly grabbed his collar in a rage, scaring Zou Yongjie speechless. When yuan Zuye saw that he was in a daze,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, he roared again: "Where is the car now?" "Uh.." Zou Yongjie hurriedly turned around and looked out of the window, not daring to hesitate. "Probably Hsinchu." "Tell the driver to take the car back to Taipei immediately!" yuan Zuye's order surprised Zou Yongjie again. Drive back to Taipei right away? But inspecting the factory.. "In the future, there will be more opportunities to inspect factories, but Chien Shu-chien is only one, and I will never allow her to marry anyone else!". He clenched his iron fist jealously and hit the glass of the car window hard. Zou Yongjie looked at the president's jealous and resentful expression in shock, and finally understood it completely. It turns out that the president not only doesn't hate Jane at all, but also loves her very much! No wonder he was far more gentle to Jane than to anyone else. Even if she stole confidential data and betrayed him, the president was reluctant to pursue it. The president was depressed and thin these days, presumably because he missed her! He always thought the president hated her. He was so wrong! "All right, I'll tell the driver to find a place to turn around!" It is rare for the president to have a heart, so their subordinates are naturally duty-bound, even if they throw their heads and blood, Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer ,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, they will help the president to get back his beloved woman. On the way back to Taipei, yuan Zuye's mind was confused and restless. Countless pictures flashed through his mind, all of which were Jane's face-smiling, shy, angry, sad. Every face was so sharp and clear, as if she were in front of him and could be touched by reaching out her hand. At this time, he could no longer deceive himself that he still hated her. In fact, he did not blame her long ago! He knew that she just loved her sister too much, and that if he had met with such a thing, he might have taken more drastic measures than she had. He did not care that she had betrayed him, and as long as she came back to him, he would no longer care about the past grievances, rights and wrongs. As long as she comes back to him. Turning to look out of the window, the new skyscraper is already in front of us, and Taipei has arrived. — — Jinglan — — Jinglan — — Today is the most miserable day in Jane's life, because it is the day when she sells her happiness. Jane, dressed in a simple high-waisted silk dress, sat alone in the lounge of the hotel, waiting for the ceremony before the wedding banquet. After the simple ceremony, she will officially become Xiao Wenzhang's wife, with her happiness in the latter half of her life, to bury her love with yuan Zuye. But at least, she can exchange her sister's health, so her sacrifice is not meaningless! Today's wedding, the woman's relatives and friends are all absent, she did not invite any relatives and friends to watch the ceremony, and her only relative Shu Wei, because she is still angry, simply do not want to attend the wedding. Chien Shu-wei could not believe that her sister really liked the bald old man. She pressed her sister to ask if she had any difficulties, but Chien Shu-yu refused to say. She insisted that she liked Hsiao Wen-wen. She was so angry that Chien Shu-wei burst into tears and refused to attend today's wedding. It's all right if Shu Wei doesn't come! If my sister sees her go to hell, she may break down. "Shyu, little baby!" The door of the lounge was opened and Xiao Wenzhang came in overjoyed. Today he is wearing a white suit, and he still looks short, fat and old. He called out Shu's name in a disgusting way, and with a pair of colored eyes, he kept slipping to Jane Shu's V-shaped neckline with small pearls, regretting why she didn't choose a lower cut dress? "The wedding is about to begin. I've come to take you out." He stroked her slender bare arms, and goose bumps immediately appeared on Jane's body. "Mmm." She got up and pretended to straighten the yarn and skillfully avoided his hand. Xiao Wenzhang was angry and annoyed, but he still managed to hold back his anger, and when she became his wife,Thyroid Powder Factory, even if she hated him for touching her, she had to let him ravage her. Hum! "Yo!"! So there you are? A call that could not be more familiar came from the door. When Chien Shu-chen and Hsiao Wen-chang heard the voice, they both turned their heads and looked at it. Chien Shu-chen immediately shouted out in surprise and excitement: "Ye?!" 。