I was reborn as a child.

Xiaojing didn't think there was such a meaning in it. She still knows too little about Wulin. Had it not been for the master's reminder and remedy, I was afraid I would have made trouble again. It will bring a lot of negative effects to the school, which she does not want to see. It seems that I have to consult with the master some time. Otherwise, she didn't know that she made a mistake that day. As if after a long sleep, Yang Fan finally woke up from his dream. I found myself in a white world with only one thought in my mind: Where am I? Is it in heaven? I faintly heard someone wake up, and then a lot of people in white clothes came to see me. Where is this place? And who are they? Why can't I move? Yang Fan only felt that there was a lot of noise around him, and people kept coming to see him. Someone else left in a hurry, and then he fell into a deep sleep. When he woke up again, he was much more awake than the last time. I still don't feel anything. But at least this time he knew he was in a hospital. I don't know what happened to the little girl. She wanted to speak but found that she couldn't make any sound. An unknown man saw himself awake and exclaimed in surprise, "Doctor, he's awake!"! Doctor, come quickly! Not long after, a doctor in a white coat came in, rolled his eyes and put his hand in front of his eyes. Listen to a doctor to say only: "Do you see the ground to see my hand?"? Eyes on my hand. The hand swayed back and forth in front of his eyes. Try to react to Yang Fan. The doctor breathed a sigh of relief and said to the man, "He has woken up.". Consciousness is very clear. Next, if there is no accident. He's out of danger. It's up to him to recover. The strange man thanked the doctor with a happy face: "Thank you,Automatic Nail Making Machine, doctor.". It's been so hard for you these days! Thank you. Do me the honor of a potluck when you are free. The doctor says politely: "Need not.". This is our duty. Don't be too polite. To tell you the truth, it's so close that we can't save it! "He can't eat and hang water yet.". Maybe you can eat some liquid food like porridge in the evening. It's better to be very rare. Don't get too sticky. The doctor left the ward after he finished his explanation. The strange man said happily to Yang Fan, who was lying on the hospital bed, "You almost died.". Fortunately, he was saved! That little girl is very good. Nothing happened to her. I'm a friend of a little girl. Sent to take care of you. You can take good care of yourself. The little girl is frightened and will come to see you when she is better. Heard the news of the little girl. Yang Fan finally put down the center of the earth. Maybe it's because of the injury. So it wasn't long before I fell asleep again. When I woke up again, it was already dark. I want to speak, but I can't make a sound. Another unknown man woke up when he saw Yang Fan. Immediately went by to check and asked him, "Are you awake?"? Would you like some water? Yang Fan nodded and wanted to sit up. But he found that his whole body was weak and had to give up. The man carefully shook the bed up. Yang Fan can sit up a little. He poured some boiling water from the water bottle into the empty cup. He poured some cold boiled water from a cup. Tried it. The temperature was just right. Holding Yang Fan, High Speed Nail Making Machine ,Automatic nail machine, he drank half a glass of water. After drinking the water, Yang Fan felt that he had found his voice and said, "Thank you!"! And you are The man is laughing to say: "I am to pick up the class of that person in the morning, he guarded you two days to be no good really.". So go back to rest, and I'll take over his shift and take care of you. Yang Fan nodded and said to the man, "How long have I been in the hospital?" The man replied, "It's been three days." Please help me inform my school! I was injured and went to the hospital without asking for leave. And I haven't been back to school for three days. I have to inform my tutor. The man nodded and said, "OK.". Which school are you from? What's your name? Because you've been in a coma, we don't even know where your house is. I am CD University. My name is Yang Fan, a freshman in Class X of XX College. My family lives in XXX street XXX, my student number is XX, and my tutor's name is Li Boyang. Please be sure to inform me, thank you, and my parents do not have to inform. Now that I'm out of danger, don't worry them any more. Yang Fan's words made the man sit up and take notice of him again, for this Yang Fan lying on the bed. After listening to Shishi talking about his performance at that time, they all admired the veterans. Dividing line Today's first more to offer! Thank you for your support! Netizen Upload Chapter 52 Owe The man smiled and said, "OK, I wrote it down.". I will send someone to inform your school later, and you can rest assured! By the way, my surname is Zhao. My name is Zhao Qiang. You can call me Brother Zhao. By the way, the doctor told you to eat some liquid food when you wake up. I brought some gruel made of chicken soup. You've been in a coma for several days. You can't eat too dry food and you should eat light food. Have some porridge first, and then have a good rest. Don't worry about anything else. Then he opened the insulation bucket and took out a small bowl and poured out a small bowl of gruel. Yang Fan said gratefully: "Thank you!"! I'll do it myself! But I couldn't lift my hand. Finally, Zhao Qiang fed him. After eating porridge, Zhao Qiang took time to make a phone call. He reported the situation to Wang Gang and brought Yang Fan's request to him. Until now, Wang Gang's heart is finally put down, these days his situation has been repeated when sleeping or waking up. It was not until today that his condition stabilized and he finally knew his name and identity. Xiaojing gave the matter to herself and finally got a result after hanging for so many days. He picked up the phone and called Xiaojing first,nail manufacturing machine, telling her the situation so that she could rest assured. The one in Xiaojing's hospital is completely awake, stable and recovering well. It's just that we have to discuss how to arrange him. By the way, we already know his name is Yang Fan. He asked us to help him inform the school. It has been three days since the accident and he has not returned to school. 3shardware.com