Make Your Future with Jobspace

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Project Overview

Jobspace is an application that provides customer an easy job search experience and a wide variety of job vacancies in multiple industries.


We need to produce a platform that job seekers can apply their desired job vacancies and effortlessly know steps of how to register personal portfolios inside profile setting . Furthermore, they can view their profile as Resume and also employee can post their vacancies with few steps, search talent, Job listing easily.

My roles

In the initial stage of the project I worked as senior UI/UX designer to understand our users, their business needs. I conducted user interview among my team, created sitemap, empathy map and make some research on competitor's products. It was an effective step to create user friendly design. After that, I create a paper mockup to discuss with product owner and then transform it to digital wireframe. At that step,I made some presentation to stakeholders to approve layout design.I move to the next step to create design guidelines and high-fidelity design prototypes.

Tools that I used:

  • Google form for survey

  • Miro for sitemap, empathy map

  • Figma for wireframe and high-fidelity prototype

  • Maze for user testing


  • Feb 2022- April 2022 (For design phase)

  • April 2022 - Oct 2022 (For development phase)

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Design Process Map of Jobspace Application

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Over 15 responses of user search

User research using google form

I got over 15 responses from people from different stages of one's career.

Questions that are included in survey :

  • How did you find your current job?

  • Which jobs are you applying for?

  • Which is the most used job portal for you?

  • When do you think Job Portal is more useful?

  • Do you feel it make less time for applying job?

  • What make you motivate to keep using job portal app?

Competitor analysis

By analyzing our significant competitors, JobStreet and, , We can become to enhance our user experience by aware of bugs and weaknesses of others.

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User Persona

We build user persona so that have comprehensive understanding about our users.

Brainstorm Session

We had a brainstorming session with stakeholders and all team members to figure out which features are needed in this app.

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Application Features

We determined which features are supposed to be included, so we divided them such as mandatory, should include, could include.

Empathy Map

I just brainstormed with product owner and senior mobile developer for empathy map based on user research and sitemap to get a clear understanding of Jobspace.

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It is a crucial step for kicking off UI Design. After I did all things related with UX, I got started creating wireframe to organize layout in application.Besides, I can also discuss with stakeholders and developers about layout of design based on it.

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Design system

Design System

We set up design system so that components within product are consistency and harmony when design team hand-off to development.

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UI Design

After confirmed layout of wireframe, I am headed to UI design for application.

Things that I consider while the design stage:

  • Light-theme that is preferred by users

  • Focusing on clean design

  • User can use application for both android and iOS platforms

User Testing

We watched out the design with users before finalize and hands-off it to developers. Moreover, we analysed and monitored missclick counts and time spent during as per each user using maze.If we found issues in testing result, we're gonna need to redesign and fix placement errors in design

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Testing Search Related Job Post Flow : Heatmap

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Test : Search with filter


  • Launch JobSpace app

  • Design improvements after released it.