Brad Lawson | UX/UI Designer | Web Developer

About me

I am designer/developer with extensive experience in crafting simple and effective solutions for complex systems. Currently, I'm working as a freelancer, helping different product teams to build enjoyable user experiences. I also love volunteering at hackathons for fun and social good.

  • I'm inspired to create clean, "FUN"ctional interfaces

  • I'm passionate learning about new tools each day

  • My main career goal is to challenge myself to excel

  • Click here to learn more about my design process

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UX Research

A systematic process of gathering and analyzing user insights and feedback to improve the usability, accessibility, and overall user experience of a product or service.

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UI Design

Involves creating visually appealing and functional interfaces that enable users to interact with digital products or services in an intuitive and seamless way. (design process)

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Web Developer

The process of designing, building, and maintaining websites and web applications using various programming languages, frameworks, and tools.

Professional Photography | Canyonlands UT

What I do when I'm not working

If you can't find me at my computer, I'm either hiking, biking, or just enjoying a hot cup of coffee at my favorite specialty coffee shop...
Beans n Brew | not sponsored... yet ;)

  • I enjoy traveling all over the US and beyond

  • I'm grateful to spend time with friends and family

  • I'm a professional photographer as well and like documenting life
    (embarrassingly I have 70k photos on my iPhone)