Krissy Porter
Director of Product Design

U Gather

A all-in-one platform for college events.

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An event platform for colleges

As a college aged user I want to login to U Gather and create an event.
That event should have a feature image, title/name, description, location, date and time, event labels so I can easily differentiate between multiple events.

Create an Event Prototype

Desktop version.
Click Login and then use the button Create an
event to go through the flow.

Mobile Check In Flow

As a user I want to check in to an event using my phone.

Check in desktop flow
As a user I want to view my tickets on desktop so I can send to my phone
or print if I don't have the app downloaded.

Guest List Flow
As an event creator I want to see who has logged into my event,
what time, and know who canceled or we are still waiting to check in.