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The Oman-UK Comprehensive Agreement of 2019 promised more cooperation in the areas of digital skills and cybersecurity. To fulfill this promise, the British Embassy Muscat launched the UK-Oman Digital Hub with two separate but linked workstrands, ‘Cyber Skills’ and ‘Digital Economy.’ The program covers multiple small-scale projects designed to help diversify the Omani economy through support to start-up communities, boost employment in digital technology through training and mentoring, and increase cyber resilience through educational qualifications and talent fostering.

Why a redesign?

The previous landing page was becoming outdated. With the rise of new companies in the same area, this was the time to take a deep glance at what the landing page was meant to be and how it can be improved from a user perspective. We needed a research-backed, mobile-first designed landing page that highlights the business goals and reaches the target audience.

UK Oman Digital Hub

Co-creation Sessions

The start was to host co-creation sessions with the stakeholders to get them to draw up their ideas of what the landing page should entail and achieve. Combined with the outcomes of the golden path and user journeys, there was a greater sense of what the requirements for the landing page should be.

After gathering a lot of initial sketches from stakeholders, we turned them into digital wireframes.

UK Oman Digital Hub

Lo-Fi to Hi-Fi

When creating the hi-fi designs for the landing page we were taking into account the previous sketches, wireframes, and layouts. Eventually, we created two different versions that we presented to UKODH team. In these, we explored different CTA’s, title/button placements, text hierarchies, different interactive elements displaying the content that we offer.

A/B Testing

It’s the time for more validation. This time, we A/B tested the new landing page against the current one. Using Google Analytics, and the provided insight by our Web Analyst, we gathered insights on several metrics like scroll depth and conversion.

In the first round of testing we found that there was a section that is always skipped. We decided to alter the design by adding more colorful icons to catch visitors attention. After running this test for a weeks and analyzing the results we found that it was a winner which meant that we could implement it and ship it to our users.

UK Oman Digital Hub

UI/UX Design

British Embassy Muscat approached us to create a modern and innovative look for the website. Our design team sketched several UI concepts with the client and we decided on the concept by voting.

The design team created a mind map to visualize the user experience and relations between screens.

UK Oman Digital Hub

Software Development

For the front-end development, the development team leveraged HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build UK Oman Digital Hub website.

For back-end development, the development team used Python and Django to develop the backend.

We used PostgreSQL to store user a. We added the Django admin panel to allow admins to create, read, update, and delete any content on the website.

UK Oman Digital Hub ✨