Sarah Jackson - SEliz21
UX designer


CityPups Stock Photo

CityPups is

A startup pet adoption company looking to help people who live in cities find the perfect dog to adopt.

Main Project Objectives

  • To provide the ability for users to better clarify their needs when looking for a new pet and search within a closer radius for pets and by more specific criteria.

  • Provide more information to users about pets being considered upfront.

My Process
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  • User Flow

  • Sketching

  • IA

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  • Visual/UI Design

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  • High Fidelity

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  • Remote User Testing


Day 1 ~ Mapping

To keep it simple, I focused on the main user flow in my mapping and selected the most efficient route shown here.

Day 2 ~ Sketching

With the home screen as my focus to set the tone and feel for the rest of the pages, my sketching day consisted of

  • A Crazy 8’s exercise to come up with 8 different variations in 8 minutes, spending no more than 1 minute on each design variation shown below.

  • My 3 Panel Storyboard sketches


Day 3 ~ Creating a Storyboard with Figma

Keeping it as minimal as possible using Figma only gave me 4 screens at most to complete the main task of adopting a new pet simplifying the roles of designer, asset collector, UX writer, and stitcher.

Day 4 ~ Build Prototype

Using the sketches from day 3 for my prototype, nothing changed in the images at this point.

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Day 5 ~ Design Validation

Changes needed after testing 5 users remotely via Zoom:

  • Redesign of rotating carousel for user accessibility.

  • Updated homepage to better clarify the website's purpose.

  • Added icon to the Pet Information page allowing users to add the pet as a favorite.

CityPups Final Prototype

This Design Sprint Taught Me
  • Trust the Process and always begin with simple and clean designs.

  • Moving quickly improves focus on necessary attributes and overall goal.

  • It’s much easier to add in aspects than it is to condense or minimize. 

Future Revisions Would Be

  • Redesign adding a bit more color and depth

  • More research to better solve user's needs