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Labor Force

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Company Classified

  • Four-week project

  • Company helping business owners legally hire immigrant workers in agriculture & construction.

  • Classified work (For the case study, I've chosen to call the company 'Labor Force.')

Labor Force

My Process

Labor Force

Timeline Established

Week 1: Established Timeline

We had a team meeting with the project lead and CEO to discuss the company's goals:

  • We assigned 15 hours to discover the current user flow

  • 30 to 40 hours present findings & recommendations for improved efficiency.

Research & User Focus

User Interview Findings of 3 Account Managers:

  • Different platform utilization being implemented

  • Project focus needed to be on the Account Manager user role

  • "Crucial" data wasn't useful

Affinity Mapping Findings

We found the overall main process flow needed for users' daily needs in the platform along with some limitations and technical issues were slowing down the process.

Presenting our findings provided a status update and the ability to go over the next steps of our research involved to make sure we were all still on the same page.

Labor Force

Sketching for Efficiency

Sketching goals included giving users a Dashboard for a quick overview of specific data for the larger picture first and an updated version of the main page showing petitions as a crucial point of efficiency in everyone's process.

Labor Force

Original Labor Force Dashboard

Original to Wireframes

  • Sketches were chosen based on their ability to:

    • Meet our user's daily needs

    • Fall within what we understood to be the coding limitations of MudBlazor, the component library of the platform.

Labor Force

Keeping it Simple Allowed:

  • Simpler statuses & alerts.

  • An added a well-defined placeholder for each requested status in the new dashboard

Labor Force

And for the Petitions Page...

  • Filtering abilities to improve user efficiency

High-Fidelity Mockups


  • Added notifications for users when new petitions become available in the system.

  • Bar chart instead to more accurately reveal how many workers are available at any given time for each status.


  • Provided space for the company information in one container, followed by the workers included in the petition underneath.

  • Added filtering capabilities to filter & manipulate the data for decreased reliance on Excel

  • Introduced a 'plus' icon providing users the ability to add additional informational columns if desired.

Labor Force

Further Recommendations Were:

  • Batch action capabilities to add multiple workers at a time & changing multiple worker statuses at one time (i.e. E1 to E2).

  • Providing placeholder capabilities for facilitators with a more visually indicative button.

  • Revising the ā€œGā€ coding naming convention

  • Improved prioritization practices

  • Excel integration or direct downloading & uploading from Excel

  • A pattern mask or counter added to the passport text field

  • Excel integration or direct downloading & uploading from Excel

  • A pattern mask or counter added to the passport text field

Final Deliverables Also Included:

  • Our research findings

  • A list of technical issues & limitations found

  • Recommended next steps to continue building on & improving their research.

Labor Force

What I Learned from This Project: