Ann M. Aly
Human-Centered Design Expert, Strategist, and Mixed-Methods Researcher

I'm a mixed-methodologist who thrives on the challenge of studying new populations and topics to make the world a better place. My research has served a variety of communities, including public educators, federal agencies, university students, and healthcare beneficiaries.

My research methodologies have included surveys, interviews, balanced experimental design, A/B testing, usability studies, heuristic evaluations, ethnographic observation and any combination of methods that best allows me to understand the community I'm serving. Most importantly, my research is guided by empathy and human-centered strategies to ensure ethical and useful outcomes.

A super versatile analyst, life-long learner, and ocean lover

I entered into research through quantitative linguistics, where I discovered my facility for social science, mixed methods research, and field-based research. My favorite topics are those which investigate why people make the choices they do and how our society can be improved as a result of empirical findings. I'm always searching for new techniques, methods, and tools to use to further my understanding of the problem I'm solving.

When I'm not doing research, I'm either in the ocean, walking my dogs, or searching for new coffee shops in my area.