Ariana Palmer
UX/UI Designer & Illustrator

Candle Holder

A stained glass piece


With this self-motivated piece, I wanted to challenge myself to try out something more three-dimensional as compared to everyone else within my workshop at the time who were still working with flat pieces. I had assistance from Kat once again with this, gaining knowledge and technical advice from her in order to create this.

Sketched design with notes

Sketched design with notes

Planning the Design

Much like my Snoopy design, I started off with a basic concept on paper in my sketchbook. After that, I drew each side of the piece on a separate piece of paper (in this case, one paper for the side faces and another for the front face - no pun intended).

After the design was sorted out using a ruler, I went ahead and began the process of the glass piece.

The Process

Since the primary colours I wanted for this piece were blue, yellow and black, I began with finding the glass pieces on the shelves and went straight into transferring the design onto each piece efficiently with carbon paper and a pencil.

Afterwards, I cut out each piece with stained glass cutters and pliers, then grinded them and washed the grinded residue off with water before letting them dry off. Foiling came next; I carefully placed foil onto each piece and folded it so it sat slightly on each side of each piece, hugging the glass in place.

Lastly came the flux and soldering... however, this was a little tricky because I needed to challenge myself with holding two pieces up at once in the beginning in order to stick them together with the solder. After the first two were set, it was much easier from there with just attaching the rest and continuing the same process.

Finally came the petina, which I chose a beautiful silver tone for to match with the dark blue.

Final Output

Final Output

Materials Used

  • Petina (Silver)

  • Foil

  • Flux

  • Grinder

  • Solder

  • Soldering Iron & Sponge

  • Cutters & Pliers, Chemical Brushes

  • Safety Equipment (Gloves, Goggles)

  • Glass