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Top 5 Areas with Flats for Sale in Islamabad


Unequivocally when I used to live in a rural area space of Islamabad, it was a level given to me by my chief. Regardless how it was wonderful to have a pre-arranged space whose rent was additionally paid by the association, it gave me a few fascinating core interests. There are many factors which should be considered while buying a flat and the most important out of all is location. For this blog, we researched the top five areas of Islamabad where you can look for Flat for rent in Islamabad



F-11 is the most ideal location for renting a flat in Islamabad. Many office buildings are located in F-11. If your office is located in F-11 or you wish to get a new job nearby, it is better to rent a flat in F-11. Moreover, the commercial area of F11 is well-developed and starting a business there is a good opportunity too.


Renters should ask the landlord to apply locks on all these windows or build these windows in such a way that they are hard to break. Once a person is able to somehow break through this window, it would be very easy for him to enter the individual flats. Some of these windows will have to be shut permanently while locks can be installed to other windows which will be opened and closed off and on.


Bahria phase 8

Here you have two options as you can get the services of a property dealer of that specific area or you also have the option to figure out the availability of flats online. There are many online websites like that can help you to search for a flat in your specified areas of Islamabad. You should make a list of all flats in the area that can fulfil your needs and are available for sale. 


Educational institutes are also built to facilitate the residents of Bahria. If you become a resident of Bahria Town, you will not have to worry about the water, gas, electricity connections or garbage system. You can find details Plot for rent in Islamabad from your broker or even online authentic websites. But be sure to check thoroughly before making a deal. 



H-8 sector is one of the prominent and developed sectors of Islamabad. Many important buildings are located in this area. Educational institutes like Alama Iqbal Open University, Beaconhouse Margalla Campus, The City School, National Institute of Science and Technical Education, Roots International, Park Turk International School, Polytechnic Institute for Women and more colleges and schools are located in this sector. Many office buildings are also located here and if you are employed in one of them or own a business in H-8 sector, buying a flat in this sector would be convenient. 



E-11 is currently developing at a higher rate. Many businessmen are investing and buying commercial land here. There are schools, colleges, a university located in the sector in the vicinity, making the commute easier for the residents. Banks, markets, marquees, offices and masjid are located here to facilitate the residents. In the coming years, this area can potentially become one of the most commercial regions of Islamabad. If you buy a flat here now, a few years later, you can sell the flat at a much higher profit.


DHA Phase 2

The Defence housing society is well-established and has become a symbol status lately. It is because it provides its residents with the most luxurious and comfortable life one can dream of. Numerous reputed schools, colleges, universities, banks, food places and other recreational places are located here. A resident of DHA does not have to travel far for the basic life necessities. Best facilities and resources are available at the doorstep.


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