Josie Artale
Product Designer


Communication Design


My position at DealTap provided me with the opportunity to work on projects that focused on the fundamental rules of web design. E-mail marking and campaigns were used as an introduction to design and provided me with monthly projects to expand my skills.

My contributions to digital communication at DealTap include:

  • Internal monthly newsletter

  • Monthly product release

  • Pilot program communications

Below is a sample of my work and process email campaigns created via MailChimp.


Sketches & Wireframes

After taking notes and gathering requirements I begin to sketch different layouts for the emails. After sketching out different possibilities, I narrow down my options and focus on content placement. At this point, I like to check in with my team and clarify any details before moving forward.


I often collaborated with stakeholders using whiteboards to confirm content placement and layout of the campaigns. These sessions also provided us the opportunity to confirm the user flow of any external links.

After confirming the wireframes with management, I began to design the campaigns in MailChimp. We did a couple of rounds of testing and re-iteration before the design is finalized and scheduled.

Detailed Designs
Pilot program email campaigns users received 4 surveys over an 8-week time period

Pilot program email campaigns

users received 4 surveys over an 8-week time period

Pilot Surveys

Working with the product team, I created a template for sending out surveys to pilot program participants. Automation was set-up with this campaign to gently remind participants to complete the survey. 

Product update for June 2018

Product update for June 2018

Monthly Product Update

I worked on the monthly product updates which sometimes included release notes, new feature announcements, and news from the DealTap community.

Internal Newsletters

This campaign was focused on maintaining communication with the staff at DealTap by encouraging participation in company events, sharing important information, and highlighting the teams' achievements.


Working on these projects at DealTap taught me skills in email marketing and design that I had not known going into the project. I was fortunate to work with supportive management who helped develop my skills as a visual designer while also introducing me to the fundamentals of user experience and UI design.