Benny Sun

Let's face it - we are in a people business. As a Senior UX Researcher and a Design Mentor, being human-centered is the magic. As a researcher, I have been working on projects across various industries; as a mentor, I have been coaching UX/UI/Product-Design graduates working on projects for startups and medium-scale companies.

As cliché as it may seem, here is a list of things that describes me the best in addition to my work.

• Dedicated lifelong learner

• Strong interpersonal skills

• Solid understanding of user-centered design

• High-level problem solving and creative thinking

• Excellent public speaker and presenter

• Proven project and client management skills

• Incredible evangelist

• Great leadership and team collaboration skills

• Extensive analytical skills

• Perfect adaptor to new environments and challenges

• Impeccable attention-to-detail skills