Benny Sun

My first 16 years of work experience had led me to UX/UI design. I was doing a lot of UX/UI design work without even knowing it - I was dealing with all types of people in China and the US - kindergarteners, elementary/middle/high schoolers, college students, professionals, elderlies, parents, and business partners. I had to constantly learn people’s needs by listening, asking the right questions, explaining concepts, and painting futures. I learned and grew so much through all my past jobs, and they helped me built

  • Super-strong interpersonal skills

  • Solid user-centered design skills

  • High-level problem solving and creative thinking skills

  • Excellent public speaking and presentation skills

  • Proven project and client management skills

  • Amazingly persuasive negotiation skills

  • Great leadership and team collaboration skills

  • Extensive analytical skills

  • Perfect adaptive-to-new-environments skills

  • Impeccable attention-to-detail