BJ Darien

Managing Partner, ROW Media

I am a creative, ambitious web designer and entrepreneur with 10 years of media and marketing experience.

Logos & Branding

Blades Hockey Association

The Blades are a new team as of 2022 in NWHL.

We worked together to refine several logo variations to account for all the possible different placements with different backgrounds - including jersey variations (home, away, alternate), arena signage, large center-ice logo icon, web placements, etc.

Style: Edgy, sharp, dynamic, creative
Eye-catching sports logo

ROW Media

The media agency I started in 2018.

Style: Bold, creative, sophisticated
Lion symbolism (courage, strength, wisdom, majesty)

Xoobali Fitness

Personal Training Gym with Online Fitness Challenges

Style: Creative, fresh, modern, fun
Exercise, activity, motion, strength

Bright Side Solar Solutions

Solar Energy Sales Company

Style: Natural, modern, creative, fresh, clean
Earth, sun, nature, eco-friendly, positive, optimistic

The Frick Effect

Milli Frick, Public Relations and Social Media Specialist

Style: Elegant, creative, stylish, sophisticated
Unique embodiment of Milli's personality and services

Agent K

Kirk Gregory, Insurance Agent

Style: Dynamic, prestigious, innovative
Minimalist black and white

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Real Estate with Bee

Oyabiyi "Bee" Ajinaku, Real Estate Broker

Style: Creative, professional, elegant, fun
Queen bee, unique embodiment of Bee's personality

The Gut Doctors

Style: Creative, caring, thoughtful, compassionate, loving
Natural medicine, gut health

Meraki Energy Healing

Style: Personal, elegant, relaxing
Theme: Natural elements (beach, ocean, sand)

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