Shahriar Sadi
UX / UI Designer

Easy Yelp

App created on EXPO to take out clutter on Yelp

Problem Statement

The problem we suspect is

  • Yelp has a ton of Ads 
  • It can be difficult to access the important information the user needs without going through multiple screens

Hypothesis: By creating our own app and using the Yelp API we can display all the yelp information users want without any of the hassles. 

Easy Yelp Overview

Easy Yelp Overview

Easy Yelp 

Using API yelp data we were able to create our own app that is accessible to anyone and now you can search your favorite foods in streamline quick and easy way.

User Interface Demonstration

UI Design

Once I tested out all usability mistakes, I started coding the final screens in EXPO

  • Homescreen has search bar front and center

  • Results come in categories of pricing 

  • Vertical scrolling makes for a quick experience 

  • Opening pages gives the user just the information they need 

  • Best of all no Ads

Easy Yelp

App Download Guide

This is an app that you can download on your smartphone. First, download the EXPO app on ios and android and then scan the QR code provided. It is that simple and you can now begin easy Yelping.