Shahriar Sadi
Senior User Experience Designer

Easy Yelp

Yelp without the Clutter

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Class project at NYU


  • EXPO

  • React Native

  • JavaSCRIPT

  • Yelp API

My Role

UI Developer - Design, Coding, Prototyping & Testing. Completed this project by myself.

Project Time

1 Month


The goal of this project is to select a application you use daily and replicate the apps features with your own spin. I chose to replicate Yelp and my spin was to simplify the app to only provide the user with the information they want. Which is the pricing and food!


Yelp is great for its cult like review community and for the diversity of food vendors it lists. But Yelp can have many barriers to entry when a user just wants to get quick information.

  • Yelp has a ton of Ads

  • It can be difficult to access the important information the user needs without going through multiple screens

  • Login process can be frustrating when trying to do a quick search from a new device

Easy Yelp


Make (Easy Yelp) my version more simple than the existing yelp application

  • Simple and clean user interface

  • No login or startup instant information

  • Clear cut font and images

  • Immediate stacked layout categorized by price

  • No need to input location data, process should be automated

  • When a restaurant is selected provide the most important information first

Easy Yelp

UI Sketch

With my goals listed I began sketching trying to find a format that's quick to browse and avoids all clutter

  • Homescreen has search bar front and center

  • Results come in categories of pricing 

  • Horizontal scrolling makes for a quick experience 

  • Opening pages gives the user just the information they need 

  • Best of all no Ads

Final App Interface

Once the sketch was established I began to code the application using EXPO and react. In the video you can view how the final product came to be.

Easy Yelp

App Download Guide

The app has been placed in production and can be downloaded on your smartphone. First, download the EXPO app on ios or android and then scan the QR code provided. It is that simple and you now you can begin using Easy Yelp. 

What have I learned from this project?

This project was a project created for an app development class at NYU. As you can tell from the goals of the project, this version of Yelp was created for fun. Sometimes as a UI developer the goal is to create something for a specific purpose but it can be fun to switch things up and bring the most craziest or the most simplest ideas to life.