Su Miao smiled, and her fox eyes narrowed into two slits. She sat down at the stone table in the courtyard, holding her chin in her left hand, and answered foolishly, "Yes, I like it very much." "Why?" Flower month is very unexpected, in her impression, Shen Zhiluo is a cold-blooded and ruthless person who does not touch the world of mortals, and Su Miao, she is simply the most brilliant fiery flower in the world of mortals. The two men looked left and right, but they could not find any similarities. As if asked many times, Su Miao even answered skillfully: "Because he is good." "Lord Shen." In my mind, there are countless people who look down on the ants in the world, and the flowers and the moon are all over their faces with wonder. Very good "He is uniquely handsome and charming, and his temper is first-class and interesting." Su Miao put her hands together and her eyes sparkled. "Compared with other embroidered pillows in Beijing, or my cousin's boring warrior, I think he's the best." Said that he looks attractive, Yin Huayue thought he could understand, but the temper is interesting? She wiped her face and could not help sighing that the young lady from the General's Office was really unusual and had a unique understanding of indifference and irritability. After thinking about it, she said, "I was quite familiar with Lord Shen when I was in the palace." "Oh?" Su Miao became interested and sat closer to her. "Do you know what bad things he has experienced in the past?" "That's not true." She shook her head. "Lord Shen is a man of destiny. He was born in the Temple of Sacrifice in the palace. At the age of five, he was able to observe the celestial phenomena. At the age of seven,inflatable amusement park, he was already granted the title of national teacher.". When I saw him, he was already standing on the altar in a sacrificial robe. Su Miao listened with adoration and looked into the distance, as if thinking about what Shen Zhiluo, who was so big, would look like when he wore a sacrificial robe. But only a moment later, she came to her senses and frowned in puzzlement. "He didn't suffer at all, so how could he be so sad?" Sadness? Hua Yue lowered her eyes and thought about Shen Zhiluo's face, as if she could not associate him with the word. Lord Shen is lonely and proud. He knows everything and doesn't care about anything. Except for his own life. — — TX exclusive finishing — — There were some bad memories in her mind. She stopped thinking about them and said with a smile,Inflatable indoor park, "Don't worry too much, Miss Biao." Su Miao blinked and took it for granted: "If you like a person, you must be worried about him. Even if he has a good life, you will worry about whether he is happy or not.". My sister-in-law also likes my brother. Didn't she worry about him? Li Jingyun? Hua Yue thought earnestly for a moment, then shook his head: "Childe has no worries about food and clothing, and he is in a good mood every day." With a touch of surprise in her eyes, Su Miao looked at her and then turned to look in the direction of the main house. She was silent for a moment and muttered clearly, "It's too bad.." It seemed that the closed door of the main house suddenly opened, and Li Jingyun stepped out of the door and looked up at them. Hua Yue. Yin Huayue turned her back to him. Hearing the sound, she was stupefied. Then she got up quickly and returned to his side with small steps. She bowed her head and answered, "I'm here." This scene, not like what childe and pet concubine, but like the master called the dog. Su Miao shook his head repeatedly. Li Jingyun did not care about her cousin, only bowed his head and whispered something to Hua Yue, who nodded obediently, inflatable water slide ,Inflatable mechanical bull, and then saluted her from afar. Su Miao nodded in return, then got up, waved her hand to her heartless cousin, and went back to Shen Zhiluo's yard smartly. Shen Zhiluo should have got what he wanted, but somehow, he still looked unhappy, reclining on the imperial concubine's couch and fiddling with the compass in his hand, with no expression in his light purple pupils. She stepped into the door lightly, trying to frighten him from behind, but as soon as she raised her hand, the man said in a cold voice, "The steps are too loud. I haven't practiced my flying skills well." As soon as her face collapsed, she angrily went around and sat down beside him. She crossed her legs and propped up her elbows. "Can't you pretend you didn't notice?" She said. Buckling the compass, Shen Zhiluo frowned and said, "Although you and I have a marriage, the ceremony has not been set, and the hall has not been worshipped. How can you come to me every day?" "How boring you are if I don't come." She raised her chin confidently. "Look, you look much better when I come.". " Shen Zhiluo gave her a particularly complicated look, then fiddled with the compass in his hand again. Su Miao asked curiously, "What is this?" "Let's figure out when Miss Su's eye disease will be cured." Su Miao: ".." Silence for a moment, she was happy, staring at Shen Zhiluo and smiling sweetly, thinking that Lao Niang's man was really more interesting than others. The prince wanted to abolish the court. Shen Zhiluo opened his mouth again and suddenly got down to business. "If you have any grievances about the court, you can report them together." Su Miao grinned: "I can have any injustice, not to let the people in charge of the court feel that injustice is already very good." Looking down at the needle on the compass, he looked a little dignified: "It's better to find something to report than to involve more people." This spring hunting, the prince was assassinated, the mountain also lost a lot of lives, such as back to Kyoto, the prince's guards must be to suffer. In order to reduce the loss, the prince will certainly bring disaster to the east, from the head of the court, directly hit the long princess and the key of the palace. This point, Shen Zhiluo calculated, Li Jingyun also calculated. The difference is that Li Jingyun looks like a man who has nothing to do, and his mind is on how to tease the dog. Dinner is served with people in the eastern courtyard. On the long table of mountain delicacies, the cups and plates are scattered, the wine is fragrant and the meat is cooked. Hua Yue sat beside Li Jingyun, quietly staring at the dishes on the long table. Xu Changyi pinched the cup of wine and said worriedly, "Third Master, they seem to have hit too hard this time." Answering carelessly, Li Jingyun ordered the plate of roast sheep on his chin and said to Huayue, "I want to eat that." Hua Yue looked at him in embarrassment, picked up the silver chopsticks and put them into the bowl for him. With a discontented "tut", he opened his mouth without moving. Childe. Hua Yue tried to reason with him, "there are so many people watching here." He did not move, staring at her dark pupil, with a little urge,Jumping castle with slide, but also with a little grievance, as if to say, meat is not allowed to eat.