Being drowned by delicious food after rebirth + extra chapter

"Far away, where have you been?" Let the way far to wait for himself to run to get the medicine when the lieutenant lined up for a long time crowded the crowd finally came back, but did not find the way far for a long time, almost a few half dead. Although I knew that nothing would happen to Lu yuanzhi, I was afraid that Lu yuanzhi would be unconscious when he was burning. Frightened by his own brain, Weiha went to the service desk to ask the nurse if anyone fainted here and was sent to the first aid. I met an acquaintance just now and chatted casually. Lu yuanzhi said casually. I thought you were running away. Didn't you say that the injection was very quick? The beds in winter are very tight. There are a lot of people who have a fever and a cold and need to have an intravenous drip. The whole infusion room is very noisy. The two men found a corner seat and sat down, and the transparent and cold liquid was sent little by little into the body far away. Is it cold? When the captain touched the road far away some ice face asked. Lu yuanzhi shook his head. Then you wait for me here. When the captain said and got up, it seems to be going out. Lu yuanzhi opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but in the end he didn't say anything. If you want to sleep, go to sleep first, and I'll be back soon. When the captain said with his hand pulled the hair of the road far away a few times. Lu yuanzhi's hair is a little longer, and the wind is strong in winter, so it's easy to blow. But I don't know if it's because the hair is particularly black and long, and the disheveled hair makes the face of Lu Yuzhi look particularly small and pale. It makes people feel pity. The more we get along with each other, the more we feel that we can't let go of him. It's just a matter of going out and coming back soon, but it's also so boring. Before, I didn't understand why those young people had to do a little thing to death,Industrial pallet rack, but now I can probably understand it. It's because I care. Because I care about him, I want to give him the best I can. There are a lot of people in the hospital, all the year round, especially in winter. So Shiwei basically walked away together, like a drop of water into the sea, and could no longer be found. Lu yuanzhi looked at it for a long time with his eyes open. When the captain came back, someone in front of him had a heart attack and was in a mess. He looked at the chaotic crowd and chose to take a detour to go back. !!!” Lu yuan's whole body trembled and all the muscles of his body tightened. What's the matter? Lu yuanzhi breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the voice of Shi Wei. Why are you coming from behind? When the captain reached out to touch his face,Narrow aisle rack, although the fever, but the whole person is cold. When Wei's hand is very warm, so warm that some provinces can not leave far away, he seems to have a special magic, no matter what happens, as long as you see him, the mood will become very calm. It's very reassuring. At that time, the captain squeezed down on the chair far away from the road. The small chair could not squeeze two adult men in thick cotton-padded jackets at all. At that time, the captain could only squeeze on the body of the captain while struggling. Intimate behavior like this in front of so many people makes the road far away very uncomfortable, but reluctant to push away when the captain, can only be self-abandonment like let him go. The elder sister who accompanied the child to have an injection also laughed and joked: "Your brother's feelings are really good!" Shi Wei was almost holding Lu yuanzhi in his arms. Hearing this, he said with some pride, Pallet rack supplier ,Pallet rack beams, "After all, we are brothers!" Lu yuanzhi quietly blushed and buried his face in his scarf and did not want to speak. Is closed, suddenly feel a cold on the neck, Lu yuan subconsciously turned to see when the captain. Smiling, Shi Wei pulled open Lu yuanzhi's clothes and put a transparent glass bottle in his stomach. The warm heating passed through the thick sweater, the autumn clothes, and then the words on the skin, and the warm feeling made the frozen body stretch out. Lu yuanzhi looked at Shi Wei in surprise. Shi Wei zipped up Lu yuanzhi's coat and rubbed his stomach through his coat: "Is it warm?" The hot infusion bottle rolled around his stomach several times, and the heat spread from his skin to his face, almost heating up the liquid in his tear glands. Lu yuanzhi pasted it on Shi Wei and said in a low voice, "It's so warm.". ” He is not a fragile person, all the way to the present, the road is far away and even feel that he is already an iron man, but I do not know whether Shi Wei is too smart or he is too stupid, so easily, he became weak. No, it's not that he's too smart, it's not that he's too stupid, it's just. He was sentimentally attached to such tenderness, and he had no way to refuse such warmth. When the captain looked at the nest in his arms far away, the feeling of heartache almost overflowed, but more than this feeling is more priority and more intense, is the unwillingness and anger of their own weakness. He can't do anything. Nothing can be done without protecting the beloved, without sharing the worries of the beloved. Do you want to be like the previous life? Are you going to make the same mistake again? No, you can't. Lu Zhenning or Du Yufang, as well as those behind them, he will all pull out a series of. Will not let the road far sad, will not let him sad, absolutely! Shi Wei had long seen that something was wrong with Lu yuanzhi, but he didn't say anything. He just turned around when he went out to look for hot water, and then he saw Uncle Lu's wife at the toll office. At that time, the captain had probably guessed that while his anger was rising, his thoughts were particularly calm. Far away, you feel my right pocket, help me take out the paper, and I'll take a look at tomorrow's class. Although the heart is angry, but when the captain is clear, what is the most important thing now. The distance is the most important thing for him. Lu Zhenning is also good, everyone is good, no matter how far than the road. Schedule? Lu yuanzhi is a little confused. Do you still need to look at the schedule? Don't you remember it clearly in your heart? Lu yuan murmured in his heart,warehouse rack manufacturer, but he still reached out his hand and went into Shi Wei's pocket. The hot and rough touch of the fingertips came, and Lu looked up far away at Shi Wei, and saw Shi Wei silently urging with a smile.