Secret Agent's First Daughter: Wang Ye, Please Only Favor Guan Ruo Li Dongming's Son Yuyun

"Who, who made you sick of me first." Shangguan Ruoli stared, letting his expression be a little more fierce and a little more fierce. But my heart was pounding, and I was about to jump out of my throat! This feeling is like the feeling when I married yuan Hao in the array. So she did not know that her "ferocious" appearance was not fierce at all, and in the eyes of Dongming Ziyu, it was simply Jiao Chen. As soon as Dongming Ziyu's eyes were hot, he lowered his head slightly and held her cherry lips in his mouth. His tongue was overbearing and pried open her teeth, as if to tear her bones into her abdomen. I don't know how many eyes in the palace, Shangguan Ruoli can't figure out the intention of his move, more can't be in front of so many servants under his face, only to bear in silence. He didn't beat his shoulder until he felt the air in his abdominal cavity was about to be drained by him. Dongming Ziyu loosened her, smiled in his deep eyes, and licked his lips. Shangguan Ruoli leaned against the palace wall and breathed fresh breath, the feeling of suffocation was the same as last night when he choked her neck. Thinking of this, his eyes cooled down, and he pushed him away and tidied up his clothes with a cold face. How interesting Deep magnetic voice sounded in the ear, "I didn't expect my beloved concubine to be so bold and active at ordinary times, but she won't breathe when she kisses, and your martial arts are also good.." "Get out!" With a low shout from Shangguan Ruoli, his face turned red and his hair exploded. Is this being laughed at by an ancient kid for his poor kissing skills? Yah! Yah! Sister, I have rich theoretical knowledge, but I lack practical experience! Dongming Ziyu was so happy that he stretched out his skirt to her and exposed the horrible mark of last night without any trace. Pull her to continue to walk forward, lips raised high. Her angry look was lovely, and he was afraid that she would be cold and calm, not sad and not happy. Giggle Sure enough, the beautiful man trick is also very useful! It was the first time that he was proud of his appearance, which made women jealous, because his little woman liked to eat it. Chapter 205 decided not to sleep with her. Dongming Ziyu and Shangguan Ruolila arrived at the Qingxin Palace of the Emperor Dongming in the strange eyes of all the people. Son minister (minister daughter-in-law) pay a visit to father emperor! Both of them knelt down to make a big gift. The Eastern Emperor looked at the two of them inquiringly and said in a soft voice, "Get up!" He glanced at Shangguan Ruoli and immediately noticed the shocking purple mark on her snow-white neck. Not his color, but he wants to know if Shangguan Ruoli has been abused, and in addition to the face, the only skin exposed outside is the neck and. Emperor Dongming had countless daughters, and naturally he knew that it was not a trace. It must be Dongming Ziyu who could pinch Shangguan Ruoli's neck last night. The spy said that the noise coming from the bridal chamber was not small, and it must be torturing Shangguan Ruoli. Had it not been for Dongming Ziyu's sudden heart disease, heavy duty racking system , I'm afraid Shangguan Ruoli would have become a corpse. Did not expect Dongming Ziyu's illness saved Shangguan Ruoli's life, but also let her eyes recover, this girl is a lucky one. "I heard you had a heart attack last night. Why did you come to pay your respects this morning?" He asked with concern. "Thank you for your concern," said Dongming Ziyu coldly. "I've been used to it since I was a child." "I've heard that Princess Xuan's eyes are all right," he said to Shangguan Ruoli? But really? Shangguan Ruoli sneers, this information is quite well-informed. She saw the way the East Emperor looked at her neck just now, and she must have seen the red marks on her neck. She's trying to cover it up. Why is she showing it? Only then did he think of Dongming Ziyu's action of tidying up her skirt, was it not that he deliberately let others see it and let people make some associations according to the death of the first few Xuan princesses? So he replied, "Back to my father, my daughter-in-law is still very frightened when she thinks of it. Last night, the prince was fine, but suddenly he grabbed my daughter-in-law by the neck. My daughter- in-law suffocated and felt that her eyes were starry. She thought she was dead. When she woke up after fainting, she could see it." "Father," said Dongming Ziyu hurriedly, "I killed Princess Xuan because I was angry because of my hidden illness and lost my mind for a while. Had it not happened to be a heart disease, I'm afraid I would have made a big mistake again. ” He knew that people who suffocated to death would have prominent eyeballs, and that the marks on Shangguan Ruoli's neck were not so serious if they were pinched lightly. They should not have lied. Dongming Ziyu looked a little lonely and said, "I really like Princess Xuan, but in order not to hurt her in the future, I decided not to have sex with her." Shangguan Ruoli also sighed with a lingering fear: "I was really frightened at that time. I don't know why Wang Ye beat my daughter-in-law gently one moment and then grabbed her by the neck.." Said to wipe tears, two people last night "duel" when the wrist of the blue and purple inadvertently exposed. It's really not the emperor's father-in-law who wants to see his daughter-in-law's wrist. It's really that the wrist is too white, and a little blue and purple is particularly eye-catching and dazzling. According to Dongming Ziyu's attitude towards Shangguan Ruoli, and their love all the way today, the emperor naturally knew that his cold and proud son was really happy with Shangguan Ruoli. The Emperor of the East sighed, "Your heart is like that of Princess Yuexuan. It seems that an ordinary woman is even more doomed.". The queen thought you had overcome the magic barrier and prepared some beauties for you to take back today. Shangguan if centrifugal a Rin, originally waiting here. But those beauties are afraid Your Majesty, did you prepare it? Queen, she wanted to hit the wall to commit suicide, but also to prepare beauty for Dongming Ziyu? Dongming Ziyu looked at Shangguan Ruoli, and Shangguan Ruoli lowered his eyes and said nothing. The beauty was not for herself, so she did not express her opinion and became jealous in front of the emperor. She poured Dongming Ziyu will not accept these beauties, if accepted, hum! "Don't waste it," said Dongming Ziyu lightly. "Give all the beauties to the prince. Although the son minister is powerless but intentional, can not help killing them, the imperial censor will impeach the son minister. The implication was that when they arrived at Xuanwangfu, there was only a dead end. His eyes narrowed, and for the first time he found that his son, who was silent and cherished words like gold, had such eloquence.