Elisabeth Pefanis
UX Designer

UI Challenges

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Below are some design challenges I have done, they are all apps I have made up to either solve a particular problem I've noticed or just simply for the fun of creating it.  I'll be adding more design challenges here as I do them and hope others find these enjoyable as well!

UI Challenges

Podcast App

I've always loved podcasts and wanted to create an app that featured a podcast about the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  This page would be accessed through the homepage where all of the podcasts would reside.

For this made up podcast about the Met I liked the idea of a color palette with darker tones that evoked a sense of mystery.  The podcast, theoretically, would be about discovering the fascinating history behind the artifacts at the Met.  This first episode is about the statue, Diana of the Tower, and below is a picture for reference.  One of the difficult parts about podcasts is when its referring to a specific item that the user can't see, it can make it difficult follow along.  In this app I incorporated the ability to have a picture accompany the podcast to solve this problem.

I chose a serif typeface because it is a closer match to the Met's logo and opted out of using their brand color of red because with the darkness of the picture and the other colors felt it would stand out too much.

UI Challenges

Seasons Event Website

Each season, whether it's Fall, Winter, Summer, or Spring - I'm always looking for the best way to celebrate it.  This app is dedicated to the seasons and helps the user find all the options they have for events, activities, food etc. specific to what season it is.

I chose to showcase Fall so the color scheme is what is typical for the season, variants of orange, yellow, and brown representing the colors of pumpkins, hay mazes, and the changing of the season.  Each season would have a different color scheme, ex: Winter = blue, Spring = green/pastel colors, Summer = yellow/warm tones.

The layout is broken up by activities, features of the week, and trending sections.  To help break up the content I chose to put "Features of the Week" in the middle and use a color block for segmentation.  The typeface is Avenir, and sans serif for a more modern look.  

UI Challenges

Plant App

This app is for the casual plant owner.  I love having plants but struggle with taking care of them.  I just needed something simple that told me how often to water a specific plant, how much sunlight it needs/placement, and a reminder feature.

The idea is that the user would input into the app what kinds of plants they have and each plant would have it's own page where the user can easily flip through all of the plants they own.

The color scheme is straightforward, green for plants, and playful as well.  I added a cactus design to the background to give it more movement and an aspect of fun.  Light green is utilized to highlight certain things like the title and the reminder toggle.  The typeface is Montserrat to give it a younger, friendlier tone.