Elisabeth Pefanis
UX Designer


A Berkshire Hathaway Company

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Company Overview

biBERK is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway that sells small business insurance online in minutes. Eliminating the need to go through an agent

Design Challenge

Redesign the initial portion of the application experience. When users arrive on a landing page they can complete a short form that collects basic information in order to direct the small business owners to applicable insurance products

Proposed Solution

Improve the user experience so users can easily start the insurance applications

Design Process

  • Role: UX Designer (Generalist)

  • Skills Applied: Research, moderated and unmoderated user interviews, wireframing, prototyping, usability tests, and visual design

  • Scope: 2 months


Conducted a series of user interviews and usability tests, both moderated and unmoderated, to discover pain points

Visual Design


  • Implemented new colors, spacing guidelines, and font from the updated style guide

  • Help text was added to each question for enhanced clarity

  • Added pictures that were more relevant to the insurance product

  • Layout that is easy for users to navigate

  • Increase awareness of purchasing insurance completely online



  • Refined industry list

  • Emphasized key words

  • Evaluated competitor websites

  • Conducted user tests to determine functionality and ease of use



  • The buttons and help text provide additional clarity for who counts as employees

  • Progressive disclosure dots signify how close they are till the end



  • Added icons for different operating spaces to more clearly illustrate the various options


Insurance Products

  • At the end users can select an insurance product and complete an application, receiving coverage in minutes


Responsive Layouts

  • Created various layouts utilizing a grid for determining breakpoints of popular device sizes

Next Steps

  • Continue to evaluate performance of the new design
  • Implement new research and design initiatives throughout the website