Emma saldanha
UX Writer

UX Writing Challenge

In-app & push notifications, newsletter and banner copy

What is it we're doing?

Role: I took part in the two week UX writing challenge organized by UX Writing Hub. Here are a few examples from this challenge.

Team: Solo

Timeline: 2 weeks

Tools: Google Sheets, Canva, Whimsical

Deliverables: Customer-centred writing

UX Writing Challenge
UX Writing Challenge examples
UX Writing Challenge

Scenario: Write a message from an airline app notifying the user of the cancellation of their flight and what they need to do next.

UX Writing Challenge

Scenario: A user is exploring nearby museum websites and opens a certain museum's website chatbot widget. Write the welcome message that appears when a user opens the chatbot.

UX Writing Challenge

Scenario: A user has added their daily tasks to their smartspeaker. The speaker wants to the user to set a reminder for these tasks. This is the script to achieve this task.

Scenario: Moonpig in-app notification to increase sign-ups to reminder service.

Scenario:  A chatbot message for a supermarket letting returning users know of a new online ordering feature and direct them to more information.

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